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How to contact Lenovo directly?


I have an IdeaPad s205. There is a non-reparaible issue: screen flickering.

I live in East Europe, so the Service center is in Poland, an we have to contact a telecenter. 


The service did not foind the problem I reported, and told meg to make a video of it. Unfortunately, I have no porper video recording device (bad phone camera). But  sent the youtue links.


They told me to send the computer bac k again and again for 4x times, then they will give me a replacement.

But that takes like 2 months, and I need this device for my work.


So, what's the way to contact Lenovo at a higher level to ask for help?

Because the customer service representative can only tell me the same and same again Smiley Sad

Thank you very much!

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