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Lenovo Staff
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Make sure you have Onekey Recovery software. The desktop icon should look like this.



Machines preloaded with Operating Systems should already have it installed otherwise it is impossible to create factory default recovery disc.


  1. Start OneKey Recovery.
  2. Click "Create Recovery Disc" at the main page.
  3. To select a recovery disc type, please choose "Factory default recovery disc" .
  4. Select the drive location where your empty discs will be used to create recovery discs. 

    If you use CD, you'll need 17 CDs
    If you use DVD, you'll need only 3 DVDs.


  5. The recovery disc creation process will start. You'll be prompted to insert blank discs whenever one disc has completed burning.

    (a) Do not turn off power during the disc creation process or the task will not complete.
    (b) You're not recommended to use the computer during disc creation.
    (c) Duration of process depends on size of the backup file and speed of optical disk drive.

  6. After all required discs completed burning, the whole proess is done.


There is a video about the steps mentioned here. Please watch this video.

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Is it possible to create your recovery backup using a flash drive instead of DVDs?



My machine came with OKR 3.0.1409 and errors out at 41%.  I note there are some references to OKR 7.0 on the online support site but  no link to how I can upgrade in order to get a version that works.


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