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Posts: 2,371
Registered: ‎01-21-2009
Location: Germany Hannover

How to disable unnecessary programs at startup? (PICS)

[ Edited ]

Windows XP
How to disable unnecessary programs at startup ?

Tired of waiten till XP is startin up ?
You can little boost up startup processing by uncheck
unwanted programs...
some of them you can see desktop right edge down near the clock...
...that get after a while more & more, because some programs
implanted byself install or via unquestioned
installation procedure...
How can we manage this to switch of ?
Easy this simple survey helps you...


type msconfig

go to tab startup

you can see thats near a dozen of them... ( fresh XP install !) ...

you can uncheck all but...

 leave Onscreen Display ... Energymanagement ...AntiVirus...Synapticstouchpad....

Apply and OK close ....have to restart....

and check

 Dont show this message or launch the System..... otherwise it annoyes you

everytime at next restart....




Try this out ...

and install Java_Runtime or WinAmp ... new programs that have to uncheck  Smiley Happy 


Especially on small machines like our S-Series a good advice....


sincerely KalvinKlein


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