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IdeaPad S-Series Latest BIOS Map

[ Edited ]

IdeaPad S-Series Latest BIOS Map  Whats new : 2012.09.01 Link correction 

Lenovo Ideapad Driver  Matrix


All BIOS Hint:  Press F2 at switch Computer on to get in BIOS.. After Update BIOS, when in BIOS press F9 for setup defaults...
Then set CONFIG for QS/BEEP/AHCI/Sata  & Set BOOT Sequence ..
1.USB-DVD/CD Device
2.USB-HDD (or ! to Boot from USB-Flashdevice)
(Fn-F7 set to NUM-Lock use +/- to change  Move to menu Arrow-Keys for S10/S10-2)  ESC for Exit  Save F10 and exit

IdeaPad S9 & S10  Vs.94   File 14CN94WW.exe Download

Summary of changes:
1. Resolve the problem with One Key Recovery button which makes the system automatically power on when the LCD cover is closed, especially if pressure is applied to the cover nearby the battery.
2. Add Password-on-boot functionality to BIOS CMOS settings.
3. Resolve the problem with the units carrying a  6-cell battery, where the computer's battery indicator displays wrong values for both the status (upon removing the AC adapter) and the volume charged.  
4. Resolve the problem with the short-cut key for wireless connections configuration (FN+F5).The system is not able to save the changes entered through the short-cut key.
5. Fix S9/S10/M10 auto shut-down in low temperature issue.
6. Fix Linpus S4 auto entry S3 after wake up issue.
7. Fix S9/S10/M10 Fan turning on/off frequently issue.
8. Fix the problem with LCD backlight remaining on while LCD cover closed.
9. New option in the BIOS setup utility to mute/unmute the beep when pluggin/out the AC adapter.
10. Combine the BIOS for non-3G and 3G system together.


IdeaPad S9e,S10e,S10-4329 & 4333 Vs.A0 14CNA0ww.exe   Download

(New) Enchance security features

Fix Bluetooth disappearing in device manager after resume from suspend.
Fix some RS232 ExpressCard could system stop boot by IRQ conflict error

(New) Improved CMOS memory management.
Note: This release cannot be reverted back to older versions of BIOS.
Version 96 Download

(Fix) Fix the issue that customer key option appears on EnergyCut utility. (Please install Lenovo Energy Management Software
(New) Support Win7, fix Win7 DTM issues.
(New) Support Computrace.
(New) Support function call for production.
(New) Support Hojy TD688 TD-SCDMA WWAN card.
(New) Support thermal protection on 90 degree using thermal sensor alarm.
(New) Support LAN boot hotkey F10.
(New) Support SVP and POP changing in DOS.
(New) Support for w/o onboard memory MB.
(New) Support SVP checking on boot menu.
(New) Support battery first used date. (for Panasonic battery only)
(New) Support blackflash protection (prevent update to older version BIOS).
(Fix) Update Audio codec Verb table.
(Fix) Fix the issue HDD not properly spin down if BIOS setup SATA set to compatible mode.
(Fix) Fix the leakage current issue when first powered up.
(Fix) Fix system hangup after update from early version BIOS.
(Fix) Fix always calculating checksum.
(Fix) Fix charger only supplying lower charge current (the same as 3 cell) on 6 cell battery.
(Fix) Fix redundant WLAN key on Fn+F4.
(Fix) Modify to keep SVP POP password after BIOS update.
(Fix) Modify to disable SLIC table if no marker key, for Volume Activation.
(Fix) Fix Computrace activation status.


IdeaPad S10-2 Vs. 26 1ACN26WW.exe  Download
Summary of changes
Fixed CPU catch wrong frequency.
Enabled the "Executable Disable Bit" function.
Fixed abnormal resume from standby mode issue.
Fixed low battery capacity beep cannot be muted issue.
Fixed the issue of sending scan code twice when using the combine-key (ghost key) on some application.
Add mute function for AC plug/unplug beep.

IdeaPad S10-3 Vs.37 File 2ACN37WW.exe   Download

Summary of changes
Fixed the memory compatibility issue

Fixed S10-3 auto shutdown when rebooting

Fixed the problem of bright line on upper LCD

1  Modified DMI string for reading SN number in winpe.
2  Modified DMI string for QS function


IdeaPad S10-3c BIOS 16 2011.0.25  Download

3CCN16WW :Updated Information: Solved DDR III memory compatibility issue

 Updated MRC to V2.2 to support DDR3 Raw Card F  / Added Bitland WIFI 0x817610EC support.

IdeaPad S10-3s  Download   Summary of changes  LM30_0224
Fixed S10-3s cannot power on/no display after upgrading BIOS issue
Combined BIOS for fixing the memory compatibility issue.


IdeaPad S10-3t Vs. 62 24CN62WW.exe Download
Summary of changes
1. Modified the memory base address to workaround the issue of system hung at startup (black screen)
2. Fix brightness couldn't be adjusted by Energy Management in XP.
Fixed: Backlight sometimes turned off when resuming from S4
Added TV cards in whitelist
Added LCD panel brightness table auto detection function        |
Added CPT panel brightness table
Updated audio codec verb table          
Fixed: Memory corruption during S3 resume        
Fixed: Boot sequence changed when rebooting through system preload
Ideapad S100 No changes

IdeaPad S12 - VIA Version 23 20CN23WW.EXE  Download
Summary of changes  Support 3GB RAM

IdeaPad S12 - Intel - No changes 


IdeaPad S12 - Nvidia - No changes


Ideapad S205 VS.24  Download  4BCN24WW:
Fix the hang up issue when installing non-OEM version Windows 7 Operation system.
Fix the problem that system cannot wake up when select standby in windows XP.

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Figthing Membromi Rootkit Re: IdeaPad S-Series Latest BIOS Map

I have a Ideapad S12 model 2954 Indows xp 2GB

My latop got the rootkit  Mebromi


Unforntunately  Lenovo use Phoenix - Award BIOS, only bios affected by that pest

I try everything  remove hpa, dco on dard disk and low level format under linux CD live

It come again, Recovery key is un operational.

Only hope is too reset bios (actually I had a password but seems not to bee effective)

Howeve only update bios is for Win XP since only Linux or Win 7 64 bit are not affected by this virus it is a pity to get such bios update without an USB - Ds boot solution.


I have also a Lenovo X61 at work affected by the same pest.

The rootkit pass by a pendrive. I format it but the virus was inside the firmware and format do not remove it and pass from one computer to the other. All my SD cards and back up usb hard disk are contaminated. They seem to work ok to pass the pest and one day you find than partition are gone....


I was able to reset the bios using PFlash16.dos command renaming the bios file and using Hiren CD and DOS option (I took the file reading the iso with izarc and copy to USB drive). The ISO CD was useless since the driver inside could not see external CD. This BIOS update CD would work only with the optional expanded bay. I took 3 days to discover how to do it because the ISO  boot CD was really uneffective, Lenovo should use better DOS emulator, look at the one use on Hiren CD than can load USB cd drive.  Note than you have to remove the Hard disk before to update the BIOS. The virus cause also some problem in DOS, bat fiie desapear and I have to run the command manualy with Pflash16 .exe unde dos.

Here some usefull information


To get rid of it twould need to flash the hard disk driver to got rid of it fortunately with Ubuntu 64 bit or Win 7 64 bit the computer work ok. For the Ideapad 32 bit I am not able to find a solution myslef  

Removing HPA and DCO could not get rid of the pest.

The best way to know if you are ok is to use any Linux Live CD and check than under Gparted you do not have a 1mB hidden partition, this partition is impossible to remove since it is an overlapp  problem cause by Bios and firm,ware.

To remove you need an frimware update under another PC, or with a clean bios.


On the X61 It seems o work, but on the Lenovo Ideapad I am stuck because not Bios update is possible except on Window but window is not possible to use because it is infected before the boot. I try also to use a BartPe live CD.

However the battery driver is unloaded. The Bios updater do not permit to update without a battery of 20% ore AC adapter this means than it is not possible to do. I try to add the driver battery.inf from the window under my back up harddisk and to put all  battery  driver  cmbatt.sys batt.sys under the tmp dirver of Hiren CD using drvload.exe run command in CMD.


I beleive than my last hope is a DOS BIOS update  release from Lenovo or try to get a new Bios chip.

In that case , I beleive I have to sent back the computer out of warranty for such repair.


I hope than the week I lost to repair my Lenovo notebook could be usefull to thers and than Lenovo could improove theri BIOS Upgrade.


If anybody could have other solutions I am ready to follow anuother part...


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Re: Figthing Membromi Rootkit Re: IdeaPad S-Series Latest BIOS Map

[ Edited ]

Maybe fix S400 screen brightness in Windows7?
Long time Lenovo no fixed this problem

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s10-2 y da imagen pero no tiene iluminacion,

What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad S-Series Latest BIOS Map

Hi Lenovo support.

please help me, i need reset bios password because i'm forget my bios password. How i can reset Bios password in Lenovo IdeaPad S200? I will reset password with update bios at my IdeaPad S200 but bios update for my Lenovo IdeaPad S200 imposible, i can't find bios update.

Thank you and regards.

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