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IdeaPad S-series Shipping discussion 2012-2015

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Post your shipping and order management experiences here:


Here are some common points of frequent discussion:


  • Avoid Credit Holds - ensure that BOTH your bill to and ship to addresses are listed with your CC bank before ordering
  • Lenovo will NOT bill your card until order ships - an authorization charge hold to check for available balance may show up when order is first placed.
  • Estimated ship dates are based on default lead time and can vary from what was displayed on website.
  • In the US and Canada, Lenovo utilizes UPS for new product shipments
  • Orders may ship before the Estimated Ship Date
  • Orders may enter through Alaska and pass through Louisville, KY before traveling on to final address
  • Cancellation requests may take up to 2 days to process
  • Requests to change configuration or other aspects of the order may require the order to be rebooked.
  • Lenovo does not accept payment via international credit cards, except AMEX.


Prior shipping discussions for S series netbooks can be viewed on this thread.


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Re: IdeaPad S-series Shipping discussion (2012)

I want to cancel my order but your service rep is not picking up my call I have been waiting online for 43 mins. My order # is 4242262713. Please let me know what I should do

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Re: IdeaPad S-series Shipping discussion 2013 - 2012

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I ordered IdeaPad S300 in pink on 01/03/2013 through sales chat. ( I missed the new year promo and wanted the notebook for $383 instead of regular price. ) Estimated ship date was 01/13/2013


 [ Cost of IdeaPad S300 ]

Subtotal$ 383.20
Environmental Fee$ 0.00
Taxes$ 30.66
Total$ 413.86


[ Order Status ]

01/03/2013 - Order in process... 

01/04/2013 - Order received...

01/07/2013 - Released to manufacturing...

01/09/2013 - Shipped by UPS Worldwide Express ( delivery in 1-2 business days from Asia ) 


I suppose my order status didn't show that it was in production - and went straight to shipped. 


[ Shipment Progress ] ( updated on 1/11/2013 @ 11:32am PST )

Aliso Viejo, CA, United States01/11/201310:24 A.M.Signature obtained
 01/11/20136:06 A.M.Out For Delivery
 01/11/20133:25 A.M.Arrival Scan
Ontario, CA, United States01/11/20132:25 A.M.Departure Scan
 01/11/201312:03 A.M.Import Scan
Ontario, CA, United States01/10/20139:02 P.M.Arrival Scan
Anchorage, AK, United States01/10/20133:35 P.M.Departure Scan
 01/10/201312:12 P.M.Arrival Scan
Shanghai, China01/10/20139:10 P.M.Departure Scan
 01/10/20138:05 P.M.Export Scan
 01/10/20138:05 P.M.Origin Scan
China01/09/20134:25 A.M.Order Processed: Ready for UPS

My S300 is scheduled to be delivered on 1/11/2013 before 10:30am. Can't wait!

I have now received my notebook and it seems flawless so far! Smiley Very Happy



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Re: IdeaPad S-series Shipping discussion 2012-2014

Hello, I am a first time Lenovo customer and online member. I was trying to see if anyone with similar experience or suggestions could give me some answers....

My S510p I ordered on the 4th of November is currently in "Released to manufacturing" as of the 7th of November at 11am in North Carolina. I wanted to know approximately how long is that proccess until it moves on to shipped. Also i spoke with a supervisor and he told me my laptop was already on its way to the usps to be sorted and sithin 24 hours it would be able to be tracked. This was on the 7th of November. Today i recieved a reply from a message to lenovo by email stating it is soon to be shipped out of the warehouse?so is the supervisor misinformed or whats going on? My estimated ship date is the 12th of November and estimated delivery date is 19th of november any suggestions?
Blue Screen Again
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Re: IdeaPad S-series Shipping discussion 2012-2014

Forgot to mention, I stay in Southern California and the warehouse is in North Carolina. Does this change any delay time? They also had let me know my laptop didnt need to be assembled or any further delay. It is ready to go apperantly just waiting on the usps hround delivery to take it from the ware house to usps shipping. Yet that was from the supervisor who said my laptop had already left the warehouse so i dobt know...
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