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Paper Tape
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IdeaPad S10-3

Im using my ideapad to do small scale software engineering while i travel and am having issues with my keyboard.


In windows everything works fine and i can type correctly. However when working in Flash and Visual C++, when my keyboard callbacks fire for a keypress and a key release i get two different numbers:


For example the keyDown will recieve      118 'v'  when i push the key down and the keyUp will receive    48 '0'. if i continue to press the same key and moniter the variable it changes every press with no pattern.


At first i thought it was Flash, but I have the same problem now that i am working in Visual C++. Could this be a driver issue? I cant find anyone with the same problem. 


I had my keyboard options set to support US(english layout and Spanish(Spain) layouts at first and have set it back to only  english now, but no luck.

Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-17-2011
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Betreff: IdeaPad S10-3

figured out the problem: Lenovo automatically installs anti-key logging software on the computer that "encrypts" the key events. Uninstalling or disabling this program (Guraded ID) fixes the problem.


as a side problem: this webpage will let me switch to english, but always reverts back to german on my post page because of my current IP. very annoying, im not fluent in german. Antworten is answer folks :-\

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Betreff: IdeaPad S10-3



Thanks for coming back to share your solution - we built a little KB article out of it.   Much appreciated by the community!


On the language glitch... I checked your profile and it is set to English, so this is a bit of a mystery.  Does it do this when you are logged in, or just browsing?  


Try clearing your browser cache.


Let us know if this persists.



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