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Fanfold Paper
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Re: IdeaPad U530 Touch Hinge struck.

As this thread has already mentioned, you are going to have to fix this problem yourself or demand Lenovo to fix it which will cost a lot and take a long time. This fix is actually quite easy. I did it myself as well as a few others on this thread. Here are some pics to show what you will have to do. There are mutiple techniques. I did the following:


1. Unscrewed the six screws holding the screen.

1b. Using a small wrench (I don't remember the mm size), loosen the screws determining hinge tightness. In order to loosen the two hinge tightness screws, you will have to take the monitor screen completely off the computer and out of the way. Make sure not to damage the monitor wires.

2. Placed the screen on the desk with the hinges still suspended in the air.

3. Apply epoxy to the screw holes.

4. Move the hinges down to the fully open position.

5. Screw in all 6 screws back in the monitor screen.

6. Apply more epoxy on top of the screws.

7. Wait 24 hours for the epoxy to completely dry even if you bought the fast drying kind.


This adds extra strength to your already failing Lenovo laptop hinge. If you do not do this soon the hinge will break completely off of the monitor screen.


Good luck.


Here are pics of my completed Macgyver job. The plate no longer fits over the hinge after making the modifications I made.


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Re: IdeaPad U530 Touch Hinge struck.

If you have tech skills, this is pretty easy to do. I commented on it a few times and others have described their methods of fixing. Step one is to find the tear-down videos on YouTube for your model. Watch it a few times. Know how to take it apart before you take it apart. Once you have the bezel off, taking the screws out and drilling the hinge is easy. You just need to watch the ribbon cable connecting the screen to the laptop. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: IdeaPad U530 Touch Hinge struck.

Here is the epoxy I used:

These are the pics of my DIY job. I did the job almost a year ago now and it is holding up perfectly:

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