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Posts: 2,371
Registered: ‎01-21-2009
Location: Germany Hannover
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Ideapad Overview HMM Hardware Maintenance Manual

[ Edited ]

Ideapad Overview HMM Hardware Maintenance Manual

available HMM abbrev. Hardware Maintenance Manual

if you want upgrade your memory or switch HDD to SSD you need for certain Ideapad a bit more help to disassemble your Ideapad...  HMM would do this. also available for a few Models there is a site ..Videotraining  Link   on the left you will found a menue easy click to expand i.e. Notebook -> Ideapad -> S Series S10e. 

Legend : NO means there is no HMM available / reason : Mem & HDD upgrade no bottom lid 


Ideapad S-Series

Ideapad S10/S9     Direct PDF Download    Link Video Training S10e  (Near same machine Same instructions)
Ideapad S10e/S9e & S10 4329 & S10  4333   Direct PDF Download    Link Video Training S10e

Ideapad S10-2    NO
Ideapad S10-3    NO

Ideapad S10-3c   Link

Ideapad S10-3s  Mem & HDD upgrade no bottom lid   Link
Ideapad S10-3t   NO
Ideapad S12        NO
Ideapad S100     Mem & HDD upgrade no bottom lid Link  /  Link Video

Ideapad S205     Mem & HDD upgrade no bottom lid  Link


Ideapad Tablet K1 Link

Ideapad U-Series

Ideapad U160   
Mem & HDD upgrade no bottom lid    Link
Ideapad U260   Mem & HDD upgrade no bottom lid    Link   /  Link Video
Ideapad U300s/U300/U400 Mem & SSD upgrade no bottom lid  Link

Ideapad U350   NO
Ideapad U450   NO
Ideapad U450p NO

Ideapad U460        Link

Ideapad U460s      Link

Ideapad Z-Series

Ideapad Z360  
Ideapad Z370 / Z470 / Z570  Link   also for  Z565  Link Video

Ideapad Z460/ Z465               Link

Ideapad Z475                          Link

Ideapad Z560 / Z565              Link

Ideapad Z575                         Link

Lenovo B,Y,V Series

Lenovo B460              Link
Lenovo B470 / V470  Link

Lenovo B560 / V560  Link

Lenovo G560              Link

Lenovo V360               Link

Lenovo V460               Link

Lenovo V370 /  V470 / V560 / V570  Link Video

Lenovo Y450               Link

Lenovo Y460               Link

Lenovo Y470               Link

Lenovo Y560               Link 

Lenovo Y570               Link be continued, if there is something to add


Update 2012.01.18 Add Ideapad U300s/U300/U400


regards KalvinKlein

-ThinkPad X200s - Yoga 2 - Yoga 2 tablet -