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Fanfold Paper
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Ideapad S10-3 BIOS Update safe ?

The present BIOS update for the Ideapad S10-3   with name 2ACN31WW.exe  expands upon double-click to two further WinRAR archives with names  BIOSFL5.exe and BIOSFL5C.exe .

There is no further information included which file to use or what the differences might be.


Upon double-click on each of these files warning messages are displayed saying:

This package is build for Lenovo M13 only, don't try it on other machines.

A search for Lenovo M13 on the Lenovo site returns without results.


Is this a wrong BIOS update package or is Lenovo M13 an internal name for the Ideapad S10-3 ?


Has anybody done a successful BIOS upgrade with any of these files ?


Punch Card
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Re: Ideapad S10-3 BIOS Update safe ?

I had the same question, I did manage to flash my s10-3 with that file.  For me it seemed to automatically choose one when I clicked the exe.  Later I noticed the 2 files. CPUID reported the mainboard as the Mariana3A which may be where the M comes from.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad S10-3 BIOS Update safe ?

Hello, I had a problem after updating my s10-3 device. It all went correct but after the update was done and the computer restarted, the computer would go into a BSOD loop as soon as Windows XP starts to load.


Well I have found out the way to solve this problem.

Simply when you start up the computer, press the F2 key to go into the Setup Utility, and under Configuration, change the

"SATA Controller working mode' from AHCI to Compatible.

I was able to loadup the OS without the problem by it.



Wish this info would help some people. Smiley Happy


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