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Ideapad S205 RAM installation failure, a little help?

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Ok so I've just recieved 2x 4GB SODIMM DDR3 1333Mhz (204pin) from Amazon, (The specs I double checked by reading the Lenovo forum and the manual before purchasing. Although the motherboard uses 1066mhz, it apperently has no issues running 1333mhz ram.

So I take out the old default 2gb stick and put in my new RAM. Low and behold I am welcomed by a black screen. I remove my new RAM sticks (2x 4gb) and try each stick individually to see if they may be faulty. Again no luck, I'm once again greeted by a black screen. So I take my new RAM out and put the old standard 2gb stick in once again and all is working 100%.

I can assure that the RAM was correctly inserted into the slot(s), and that by testing my new RAM individually that they're not likely damaged. I can only assume my new RAM is incompatible with my notebook!

Here is the ram:

Can somebody please assist me here, I'm going nuts trying to figure this out. I've got many threads on this forum confirming that the RAM specs I chose should be compatible. Please somebody point out the error in my ways.

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Re: Ideapad S205 RAM installation failure, a little help?


Welcome to Lenovo Community


Since  S205  supported Ram is 1066 MHZ and you have purchased 1333 MHZ Ram .

You may try updating the Bios as an option


You may also refer the below link for more clarity

Hope This Helps