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Fanfold Paper
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Ideapad S340-15 Hard Drive Upgrade (2tb M.2!)

If you have a SATA 2.5" SSD in your notebook - you can add an M.2 PCI Express NvMe drive

If you have an M.2 drive, you can add a 2.5" SATA drive (mechanical HDD or SSD) as long as height conforms to specs


My Ideapad S340-15IWL came with a 256gb NvMe drive (gen 2 I think). I immediately added a 512gb sata SSD and had 2 drives. There was nothing extra I needed to buy as the empty slot for the 2.5" drive had the mounting kit empty already in the machine.


Couple weeks ago, I bought an Intel 660p M.2 2TB NvMe drive, wanting to use it in an older Win7 desktop to replace a Samsung 970EVO 512gb M.2 drive. Basically, can use Samsung M.2 in Win7 as a boot drive pretty easily, but found it nearly impossible to do with an Intel drive (Win7 doesn't have the pre-GUI drivers needed to bootup from the drive). So, decided to replace both the 2.5" SSD I added to the Ideapad and the original Lenovo-supplied M.2 drive with the Intel 2TB M.2 drive.


Using a Qnime NvMe USB enclosure (temporarily put the Intel drive in it and connect to Ideapad USB port), boot the Lenovo with a G4L (Ghost for Linux) bootable USB drive, and clone the internal Lenovo M.2 drive to the Intel M.2 with G4L's Click'nClone. 

When the clone was done, shut down, and then removed the bottom cover from the Lenovo, and disconnected the battery from the motherboard.


Removed the Lenovo-supplied 256gb M.2 (which has both M and B keys and is a 2240 form factor) and put in the Intel 2TB M.2 (which has only M key and 2280 form factor). Reconnect the battery. 

Windows booted, and gave me an error saying something was wrong, it needed to restart, and a bar code I could scan for more info - but before I could get my phone to scan the bar code, the notebook rebooted - successfully to Windows. (I think this behavior is to be expected because even though the G4L clone is bit-for-bit for the first 256gb - there's a whole lot of new unexpected space.)


So, after verifying Windows working, and basically having backup of everything (the original Lenovo drive safely out of the machine), I used legacy boot to GParted USB to re-work the partitions on the 2TB Intel - moved the Lenovo recovery to the very end, expanded the Windows 10 partition from about 232 to 400gb, created a 950gb partition to copy the 460gb secondary SATA SSD that I'm removing, created a 110gb partition to copy my Ubuntu boot (that I had as a 63gb second partition on the 512gb SSD I had added before), and still have over 500gb unallocated space for the future. (Although with only 1 drive, I'm either going to have to replace the Windows bootloaded with Linux grub to be able to boot ubuntu or Windows, or have to use USB to get linux/ubuntu going...)


Here are some pics:

lenovod3.pngMotherboard area of battery, M.2 slot and 2.5" drive bracketlenovobatt.pngRemoved battery from connector when adding/removing devices from motherboardlenovo256gbdrive.pngFactory-supplied 256GB M.2 drive - 2240 form factor with an adapter to fit in the 2280 spacelenovosprk.pngGently unseat the speaker assembly to access 2.5" drive screwslenovo-1tbnvme.pngThe Intel 2TB M.2 NvMe drive



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Re: Ideapad S340-15 Hard Drive Upgrade (2tb M.2!)

Hi Rlx,




Thanks for your time sharing your upgrade to the S340-15 model.


I am sure that this would serve as a good reference to other Community members on how they can proceed with the upgrades they have planned.


Please don't hesitate to visit and share your ideas with our Community at anytime.



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ideapad S340-15 Hard Drive Upgrade (2tb M.2!)

Should I experience any computer funtion problems  changing out a 1tb hdd currently in my S340 15IWL TOUCH Model 81QF  and replacing it with an SSD  512g ? Currently running Windows 10 Home.  Lenovo was not encouraging this action and warned of the one year warrantee being voided. Thank you in advance for any comments.


Punch Card
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Re: Ideapad S340-15 Hard Drive Upgrade (2tb M.2!)

Read the laws of your country. If they allow independent repair and replacement of components, then there will be no problems with the guarantee if everything is done carefully and technically correctly. To replace pci-e devices and memory, be sure to turn off the battery and remove the residual charge on the motherboard. To replace the 2.5" HDD/SSD, it is not necessary to disconnect the battery, but everything this operations must be done strictly not in synthetic (woolen) clothes and after removing the static charge from your clothes, touching by fingers the electrical "ground".

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