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Punch Card
Posts: 26
Registered: ‎05-09-2009
Location: Germany
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Accepted Solution

Installing SSD - conflict with PCB

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Hi there,

today i tried to install an 2,5" SSD into a S10 (4333-A13) - and was surprised that there's a part of the PCB under the S-ATA -connector colliding with the SSD (The green piece left and right to the s-ata-connector is aprox. 2-3 mm higher than the ground of the hhd-bay). See here:

As a result, the SSD won't be connected properly. See here:

S-ATA-Connector with SSD

That's a little bit annoying (politly spoken) - and i don't like to take a saw and adapt the ssd of course.

Anyone experienced this ? A failure in design ?

Regards, pepun.
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Registered: ‎01-21-2009
Location: Germany Hannover
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Re: Installing SSD - conflict with PCB

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Hi , the problem is that SSDs dont have an edge, where HDD have an Edge...

Ive heard this prob only from users with the S10-4333,

where the PCB is redesigned for WWAN Card instead of Expresscardslot...

the prob is no known SSD have had an Edge where the HDD have one.... 


For better understanding, ive taken the pictures to compare....with the normal S10(e)...

++++++++++++ The Edge.... HDD



S10 (e) Standard Version no PCB harms the room for SSD .... no probs ...


The S10-4333 HDD Bay


The S10-4333 Version the PCB occupies room from the HDD Bay so that SSD couldnt fit,


i dont know ... what to do... without loss of warranty.... ?

and filing or cutting these parts are sure without destroying the layer of PCB.... ?


Good Question to Lenovo....

At this  time no known 2,5" SSD has Edges....

(ive take a look for all brands Intel, Ocz,Samsung all have no edge at the contact side, there are all straight )

so no 2,5" SSD could fit in this special Model....

without a warning user .... 


Warning S10-4333 Model could not upgraded with 2,5" SSD at this time !!! 


sincerely KalvinKlein


Message Edited by KalvinKlein on 06-07-2009 05:30 PM
Thinkies 2x X200s/X301 8GB 256GB SSD @ Win 7 64
Ideas Centre A520 ,Yoga 2 256GB SSD,Yoga 2 tablet @ Win 8.1
Punch Card
Posts: 26
Registered: ‎05-09-2009
Location: Germany
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Re: Installing SSD - conflict with PCB


thanks for answering. So just a few of S10 are having this problem. I'll contact support tomorrow. Do you know, if the edge of normal hdd's is part of some kind of standard-specification and 2,5"-ssd's simply are "non-standard" ?

Regards, pepun
Fanfold Paper
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎04-06-2010
Location: Italy
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Re: Installing SSD - conflict with PCB

Hello, I solved the problem by cutting the case of 'ssd with a nipper I removed the necessary and closed with duct tape .............. works great, I hope will be useful.

PS: I used a Patriot  s100 SSD


Smiley Very Happy

Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎04-04-2012
Location: melbourne
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Re: Installing SSD - conflict with PCB

i just bought an s10e (4333 model  DOH!)

i see these posts are a couple of years old

but . . . . . 

has anyone seen a drive thats fits

i took a look at my local pc store but nothing



Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎04-04-2012
Location: melbourne
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Re: Installing SSD - conflict with PCB

Problem solved !!!!

Intel sell a ssd that fits.

Just unscrew the black plastic braket.

Replace screws.

Then your good to go.

The 320 series (SATA 2) definately fits.

Im using it to type this.

Boot times have improved but . . . . the Atom processor stil holds it back once in the OS.

Anyway i hope this help some people that thought they were stuck with a HDD

Happy computing