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Lenovo Staff
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I'm trying to install Windows 7 Professional on my U300s so that I can connect to my work domain server.


When I hit the "Install Now" button I get the message "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing."  Nothing I seem to do helps. I've tried booting off  the USB stick and USB DVD drive, selecting drivers from the D: drive but I can't get past his stage of the install.


After searching online, I changed the SATA setting from AHCP to Compatibility but this had no effect.



There could be several causes for this.


Solution 1:

Check if your system is running retail media or a downloaded ISO.

If you are running on ISO, try re-burning the disk at slower speed.

Try installing Windows 7 using the USB port and when you get the error, click Cancel.

Re-plug the USB drive in different port, and try again.


Solution 2: 

Try running the installation from the set-up media while running Home Premium.


Solution 3:

Re-download the ISO and re-burn it into disck again as sometimes the previous ISO file could be corrupted.

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