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What's DOS?
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InsydeH20 BIOS Bootloader

Hi everyone, 
I´m having a really stange issue. 

I had Linux and Windows installed on dual boot and both installed with UEFI compatibility in mind. 
Yesterday I just wanted to wipe everything down and install just Linux on my U330p. 

On boot I´m not able to access the Boot Menu or BIOS when the bootable USB Drive is inserted. 
When I pull it out everything is fine. 

I wiped everything down on my HDD but still the Bootloader tries to boot to linux and after that to windows, but non of  them are installed anymore.

When I start the pc over the recovery button on the left side of the device I´m able to select where I want to go:
Boot Menu
And that is possible even if the Stick is in.

In the BIOS the USB Stick is not shown and in the Boot Menu there is only Linux and Windows. 

When I pull the Stick out and open the Boot menu, which by the ways works fine, I´m not getting Linux or Windows shown. 

And to mention that no BIOS changes are saved. I tried a million times. 

The USB Stick boots and works fine. I tested it on other devices. 
I can´t understand whats going on here. Any advice ? 

Thanks a lot.

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