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Is it possible to reinstall Lenovo Power Management on the U400, and how?

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Started ‎05-28-2012 by
Modified ‎11-18-2013 by


Is it possible to re-install Lenovo Power Management that comes with the U400?


I was on the phone with technical support and they recommended me to uninstall that software in order to fix another issue I was having, however, the issue was not resolved with the uninstallation of the power management software.


Does anyone know where or if I can find this software? I have looked everywhere for it.


Ideapad and Lenovo Essential products are using the power management called "Lenovo Energy Management" whereas the Think products are using "Lenovo Power Manager". 


As you're using U400, you can download  Lenovo Energy Management Driver from Lenovo Support website > IdeaPad U400 Drivers & Downloads.


Please remember to navigate to the downloaded file and execute a file to initiate the installation. Otherwise, simply downloading a file does not mean it is installed in your system.