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What's DOS?
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Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer U410

Hi I was just wondering about a few things.


I recieved my U410 and I noticed that i couldnt find the Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer that came with my U400.  Is there support for the U410 for the boot optimizer?


Also the U410 has two hard drives - a solid state drive and a hard drive.  I noticed that windows was installed to the hard drive which means that the computer boots from the hard drive rather than the solid state.  Is there a  reason for this?


What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer U410

I have the same questions...especially about windows loaded on the hard drive rather than the SSD.

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer U410

The U410 has a 32gb mSATA SSD. In the default configuration, it is used as a cache drive (and being SSD, this ofcourse is superfast cache.). This is being done with Intel Rapid Storage technology.

To further elaborate on a 32gb ssd; it effectively has about 29gb of useable space after a format. For a regular Windows 7 install, incl the Lenovo apps (+temporary files), this would barely be sufficient. This is why it is also not reccomended to install Windows on the small SSD. (also i believe fully used capacity means worse performance and more wear/tear for an SSD)

About the EE Boot Optimizer, you can find it in the Software & Utility part of the U410 driver page;

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