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Lenovo Energy Management for Windows 7 Part 1: OSD - IdeaPad

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Started ‎08-07-2011 by
Modified ‎07-03-2013 by

This is Part 1 of an article for Lenovo Energy Management (LEM) for Windows 7 .

The version of the driver used in this article is V6.016.


Note: When you do a clean installation of Windows 7, you will have to reinstall LEM as a clean installation will cause your system to revert to the state it was originally shipped to you in.


The following settings will appear with different key combinations:



OSD Brightness.jpg


Screen brightness: Fn + up & down arrow keys


OSD Loudness.jpg


Volume control: Fn + left & right arrow keys


OSD WebCam off.jpg


WebCam Toggle On / Off:  Fn + Esc



OSD Caps Lock off.jpg     OSD Num Lock Off.jpg




OSD Touchpad off.jpg


Caps lock/ Num lock/ Touchpad Toggle On/ Off: Fn +F6


To toggle Monitor On/ Off: Fn +F3


OSD Wireless Menue.jpg




OSD Wireless BT off.jpg


OSD Wireless WLAN off.jpg



OSD Wireless Both off.jpg


Wireless/ 3G/ Bluetooth Toggle On/ Off: Fn + F5



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