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Paper Tape
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Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch Screen Issue

Friends, I have a Lenovo Idea Pad U430 Touch (WIN 8.1 64 bit) and the touch screen seem to be having an issue. I had spoken to the Lenovo Support 4 times and spent more than 10 hours on this issue so far. The bubbles appear at the top of my laptop and the mouse pointer goes haywire. This occurs when I start my laptop, for a few minutes and also intermittent - does not happen every time I start. One support person asked me to do a factory reset and I refused as I would be losing the entire set-up and have to spend more than 10 hours restoring it back. I wanted to escalate the problem and yesterday another support person has given an idea to isolate the issue by disabling the touch screen as mentioned in this thread. I just did a Google search and looks like this is a manufacturing issue based on the posts in this thread.

Contents from the thread I found in the web:



So I've uploaded this video to document the problem I'm having with my Lenovo Idea pad Z400 touch screen. Every so often, the screen would just go berserk. The video show the left hand side of my laptop with all those circles popping up as if someone if touching the screen. Well, no one is touching the screen ... the laptop is doing it all by itself. And when I try to log out, I couldn't because the mouse functions have been affected ... have to shut down the laptop by pressing the power button. Very frustrating.


Bryan Andrew Balasan

3 months ago (edited)


OMG i finally fixed it
YOu know what
this happened to my laptop
(upgraded-2g-->8gb ram)
(bought on august prior to my birthday)
after two week buying from lenovo retail shop
I had emailed them the problem
but they said to sent to Support center/repair centre
So i did.
But when came back, it was okay for 5 days, then came again
I asked them how to
MANUALLY disable
And heck they SAID THere is no way to disable
looks like lenovo support was so **bleep**ty.
Cause they said it may be software related, or screen hardware
then again my assumption where it may be configuration related its true!
Likewise you really helped me alot,
With the occasionally disturbing annoying bubbles i now can do presentations, gaming and editing more undisturbed
THANK you!
(hardware ids-i can't find the specific HID compliant touch screen but disable this particularly, and the bubbles were instantly gone)

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Vlad Dimson

3 weeks ago


I am having the same problem. Has anybody found a way to solve this? 

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Mohamed Fazril Izlan Abdul Aziz

1 week ago


Hi im facing same problem here...sometimes it shows white box at right of my screen and my cursor keep flashing even my laptop is in idle mode. Please help...mine is window8.1 64bit

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 Emmanuel Centurelli

4 months ago


I have the same issue, I've recalibrated the touch screen, and the problem returns after a few minutes. it's really annoying. Please could anyone tell me if there's a way to sort this problem out?
Thanks in advance!

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5 months ago


i have the exact same problem! except my frazzing is nearer to the upper left corner.... and it doesn’t go away! i had to disable the touchscreen otherwise it would mess everything up by 'touching' everything, even getting to device manager to disable the touchscreen is a crapshoot

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Paul de Guzman

4 months ago


The only way i was able to solve this problem was to disable the touch screen feature. to do this, go to -> Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Human Interface Devices -> right click the HID Compliant Touch Screen then choose Disable. Once this is done, you may need to restart your laptop and the problem will go away since the Touch Screen is the culprit here.

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Shuangyu Li

2 months ago


+Kian Yu Liam Hi Kian, I am not sure really. I just followed Paul's direction and found it in the menu. I assume that's because your device is a tablet while mine is a PC? I have already sent it back to Lenovo for repair. They are returning it to me in the next few days. I will see if the problem has been sorted. If your machine is still within the warranty maybe you can contact them as well. Good luck!


Christine Engelke

1 month ago


I just had a very similar problem - the screen was shaking all over, and the mouse wouldn't stay where I put it, using the touchpad or the mouse or the screen.  I happened to be in the room with my son using his WiiU game, which has strong wireless.  I wonder... ?    Now that I am in my office it's fine again.  Very weird.

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3 months ago


Just a random survey....have you guys placed an Iphone (particularly this phone) very near to your laptop?
I noticed that the bubbles syndrome occurred when an iphone is placed very near to the laptop and when the phone is removed the bubbles disappeared too. Coincident or ...?

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4 months ago


I have this problem too ! How did you solve this?




Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch Screen Issue

I just would like to make the following suggestion in support of the recommendation to factory reset the unit:


1. Run OKR backup and do a user backup. Save it to folder in another drive to be sure.


2. Do the restore through OKR and select restore to initial backup. This will restore to factory default.


3. If your problem does not exist anymore then it could mean something is going on. And you can start deciding to whether to reinstall those third party programs or not. However, if the problem still exist run OKR restore but this time choose user backup and point to where you save the backup. This should put back the unit to the present condition with all your third party programs and files intact.

Retired Support Specialist
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch Screen Issue

Hi Sendhil,


Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!


I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I have private messaged you the details. Please let me know after checking your PM inbox.


Do post us back for further queries.


Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch Screen Issue

I am having the same problem as msendhil. Please send me a fix ASAP.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch Screen Issue

I haven't been able to fix the problem as its a manufacturing defect and
requires the laptop to be shipped to Lenovo. I have disabled the touch
screen and using the laptop without touch functionality.


What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch Screen Issue

I have an issue with my lenovo P500 Ideapad. the bubbles started across the screen and then the problem got worse I have to hard reset the computer every day two or three times to get it to run right where there are no bubbles and the screen and curser are not going crazy. I bought a Lenovo because I thought they were reliable but I guess they are not as many people are having this same issue. I had heard that IBM was bought out by Lenovo and that is why I bought this product. IBM was a very reliable product but I guess Lenovo is not, this seems to be a manufacturer defect and from reading through the threads on the Lenovo community the company is not taking any  responsibility for the products being unreliable and they are blamming third party software that many people run on other brands of computer like Apple. I should of just bought an Apple computer and then I would not have had to waste $1000.00 on this rather expensive now paper weight that just sits on my desk and does not get turned on as I am super annoyed with this computer.


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