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Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t Windows 8 Pro 64Bit Install How To  


Choose to Install a Windows 8 64bit on a over two year old machine like S10-3t sports Intel Atom N470 (1,86Ghz) max.possible memory 2GB and netbooksized resolution 1024 x 600 sounds crazy ,heard about words like fear , doesnt work, impossible mission, but i thought , why not , give that little netbook granny a chance to shine Smiley Happy


Ok lets start (without start button Smiley Happy ... i move to storage locker and pick a  320GB harddrive ,that metalpiece knock around, grab the screwdriver to open the base latch and remove the standard hdd, on the fly change.

Next prepare a 4GB flashdrive with MS Tool Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool  <Download . with the ready to rumble Iso Windows 8 64Bit copy (+licence) that i downloaded a few month earlier .. (all Version could be used incl.DVD )      A few minutes later the flashdrive is ready prepared and plugged in the waitin Ideapad S10-3t .. Press On Button and go ...    Win 8 ask for Country region keyboard ok. HDD should be cleaned /deleted so choose the next quest lower install , advanced hddview. delete all partitions and give 50 gb or 52.512 mb for start drive should be enough for overall install programs, after install near half is used. Win 8 give that advice a small extra partition would be installed ok. and go.. start to copy itself on hdd , if win8 want to restart you can remove the flashdrive, while its not needed to go further with. A few minutes later personal settings and wireless lan setting , thats all .. touch will become live Smiley Happy   one restart later, take a look, whats missing in device manager


Device Manager.jpg


Device Manager without any missing driver should look like that pic above


one missing device its the ACPI that comes within install of powermanager

choose the one designed for windows 7 > LEM 4.3.16  <Download install as administrator .


So that fn-f5 wireless menue will working and all on screen display (OSD) too...keep in mind that some OSD will be double... the one came from windows 8 itself , but you need the fn-f5 menue to switch WLAN,BT,WWAN each separate, if your Book is equipped with .. 


Hotkey fn wireless menue F5.jpg


Fn-F5 Wireless settings


looks like that 


Hotkey fn loudness.jpg


 OSD loudness


 Webcam Fn-ESC key combo etc


Hotkey fn esc webcam off.jpg

... as usually work in windows 7 Smiley Happy  


    and last device the missing one without any yellow questionmarks !  

keep in mind that the older lem needs dotnet framework 3.5 , that will be asking via windows 8 by download agree to  do that for working without quirks, driver are ok for now, but a tablet without rotation.. ?


Auto Rotate Prg.jpg


the signed  Auto Rotate  <Download for windows 7 and install as administrator

thats all... wait a second not yet ...


While play around with tiles in windows 8 , windows 8 give a message that resolution is to low for using , a minimum of 1024 by 768 is needed ... But 99 % all of last for year netbook still have resolution max. 1024 by 576/600 ? No problem there is a quick solution for that ... only one entry  "one" "1" instead of a zero "0" will give the desired resolution ... by the way that resolution trick will works with windows 7 in same way , a few days ago i try that  on the factory installed windows 7 Home Premium .. a few entrys search lower in the entry but same way to go..    

regedit cmd as administrator expand this key   

Computer  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Video

Regedit Entry.jpg


open DWORD value Display1_DownScalingSupported enter and change 0 to  1 .

only one "1" entry is needed... Smiley Happy all other entrys will change automated to "1" ...thats all.. restart your machine .


Screen Resolution Adjust.jpg



and choose screenresolution could be settled up to 1152 by 864, thats a bit to squizy ,

best is set to the needed 1024 x 768 ... and apply that. So windows 8 is ready to rumble all tiles will work  Smiley Happy


Windows 8 System.jpg


Some of u will change a bit slower the catwalk to windows 8 interface , this one could solved too.. choose ClassicShell <Download that prog will give you some look and feel of windows 7 back ... for a while , if you get the most of our netbook with windows 8 , install mpc home cinema for video view... sumatra pdf reader xnview for pic view and a free virus scanner to complete . Even a office suite will run quite well... so give the slightly aged ideapad netbook a chance , to shine with equipped with the latest operation system, and a real keyboard ..


Updating Apps.jpg


regards KalvinKlein

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