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Lenovo Ideapad S510p Touch AC Converter



If it's not one thing, it's another! I feel like my laptop bought in 2013 is falling apart on me now all of a sudden! When it pours, it rains, basically. Not happy.


1) the cover cracked at the hinges a few months after I got the laptop. Didn't think it was an issue. Wasn't an issue until number 2 happened. I then put black electric tape across the cracks on the cover.

2) the display is separated from the cover. I put black electric tape all over it.

3) the right hinge is popping in and out. I keep popping it in and out. Can't really open or close it without the hinge acting up, so can't use it as a laptop, only as a desktop. That is really annoying, if you ask me.


and now, for the piece de resistance:


4) the AC converter is no longer working.


Where do I find an AC converter for Lenovo Ideapad S510p Touch model # WB12764324?


In the meantime, I'm borrowing a Lenovo Thinkpad AC converter. I need to return it soon, so I need a new AC converter for my Ideapad SOON.


Thanks, much.

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad S510p Touch AC Converter

Sorry to hear of your problems.  Replacement chargers for the S510p are widely available on eBay, Amazon or at retailers like Walmart and NewEgg for name a few. 



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