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Lenovo Ideapad U310 Touch - BIOS, Boot Menu, and System Restore don't do a

Dear internet, please forgive me for I have sinned. Truly need your help! How can I reset this laptop to factory settings?
My father's Lenovo Ideapad U310 Touch's OEM hard drive started making noises, and being the family techie, I did what any sane person would do, and acquired an off-lease Dell Latitude E7470 for him to use. Thankfully he had been running Crashplan.
If we can solve the following problem, I'll learn that Lenovo is slightly less garbage and that there may be hope for all of us in an UEFI world. Honestly, I don't have much hope, but thought at $40, a Patriot Burst 240GB SSD would make this into a decent laptop and maybe my dad could continue using it (since he likes using touchscreen to scroll websites) or I would send it to my grandmother and she could use it.

While I was waiting for Lenovo to send me the $40 4-DVD system restore kit for me to put the OEM partitions on the new SSD, I thought I'll just install Ubuntu and see what the touchscreen experience is like. It's better than I thought it would be! BTW, the Lenovo has no optical drive, so I hope my Dell USB CD/DVD drive can speak with the Lenovo. This Lenovo was also manufactured during the wild west days of Intel Rapid Start and UEFI. As a linux user, this is all great, except when Secure Boot magically appears.

Removed dead OEM 500GB HDD
Installed Patriot Burst 240GB SSD
Inserted the USB drive with Ubuntu installer on it
hit the power button (on) nothing, black screen, no Lenovo picture
hit the power button (off)
hit the recovery button on the right
--Normal Startup
--Boot Menu
--System Restore
I hit Boot Menu
I think I select USB
Ubuntu starts doing it's thing
I start installing Ubuntu
the install is complete

Now, sorry  to jump this on you now, but at some point before installation or after installation, there's some screen screen where I have to create some sort of pairing of the hard drive with the computer. I don't remember what it was called, but I remember it mentioned registering keys. It reminded me of something bios related. I think it was Secure Boot. I wish I was paying attention. Smiley Sad This might have happened before I started ubuntu installation, I just don't remember. Pretty sure I remember the password, too, because it's what I use on everything.

I use Ubuntu for a few weeks.
The DVDs arrive
I try using the recovery button, and learn that all four options take me to grub Smiley Happy
That's great except I actually need to boot from the recovery DVD and get windows 8 back on here so I can upgrade to windows 10 and so on...

so I get the bright idea that I'm going to take the SSD out of the Lenovo and hook it up to the E7470 and erase the drive.

I do so.

I put the drive back into the Lenovo.

I hit the restore button the side, the four menu items show up, and not one of them does anything but dumps me on to a black screen.
--Normal Startup
--Boot Menu
--System Restore

^all take me to the black screen.

When I hit the regular power button, I get the black screen.

When I hit either button, there is no Lenovo picture, no prompt for keyboard combination, yes, I have tried all 200+ w/w/oFN+F1<->F12 key combos.

I have unplugged the CMOS battery and main battery and discharged the Lenovo for a minute.

I have tried unplugging the main battery and holding the power button down for a minute.
Would love it if someone had a recommendation. I hate to give up but I think the world would be better off with one less Lenovo device in service. But I'd also like to upgrade someone in my family to something newer.
I'm playing around with the idea of copying the contents of the restore disk to the new SSD or to the USB flash drive, but really concerned about not being able to get into the bios or into the boot menu to select the drive.

I have not tried hooking up the USB drive with Ubuntu install again to see if I can load that. I have misplaced it Smiley Happy

I can not get the laptop to boot from the recovery DVD using the external DVD-ROM.

Lenovo's service manual IS TERRIBLE:
**Strategy for replacing a hard disk drive**

Always try to run a low-level format before replacing a hard disk drive. This will
cause all customer data on the hard disk to be lost. Make sure that the customer
has a current backup of the data before performing this action.
  The drive startup sequence in the computer you are servicing may
have been changed. Be extremely careful during write operations such as
copying, saving, or formatting. If you select an incorrect drive, data or programs
can be overwritten.

*That's all they mention. How are people supposed to service these Lenovo machines?*

I can't help to think what  this Lenovo is and what  their support scheme is to only offer the recovery media on a DVD-R. Not joking. Could have just been a torrent or a download.

I work at a Fortune 10- company and will make every effort possible to prevent ever having Lenovo's garbage as lease/purchase options. There is no excuse for poor maintenance and user documentation at any price point. Take a note from Dell's excellent service documentation that anyone can access. We will become an HP, Dell, Toshiba, Apple shop. I've already made cases against ZTE and Huawei. Toshiba, take notice as well since you keep pushing those cheap x768 resolution could be next for non-renewal.

Any bright ideas from anyone? I'm this close to throwing this heap into the bin. THIS IS NOT SPAM.



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