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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Poor Support on my U460 screen flicking issue

I am share my experience with this forum as i could not hold Lenovo support supervisor ( customer relationship). Hope some one from Lenovo customer relationship department could read it  and keep Lenovo customer happy.



We purchased our Lenovo Idea-Pad in September. In the middle of December, we experienced a screen flicking issue on the Idea-Pad. When the laptop powered up, the screen would flicker colored lines across the screen. We called the support line for help and still have not resolved our issue. For a rough summary, here are all the steps that we went through from start to end when we tried to diagnose the issue with Lenovo support:


  1. We were first told to remove the power panel and hit the power button. (To release the static power on laptop) After doing that, we were able to login to laptop, but soon saw the flickering issue again. Flickering issue is NOT related to static power residing on the battery.
  2. We called back to Lenovo support again. This time, we were told by support to download new video card software image from your website, (Although the image version on our laptop is newer than the download version) Knowing this would not fix anything, we did it anyway, and still saw the flickering.  Flickering issue is NOT caused by software drivers.
  3. So we called again. This time, the customer support asked us to restore all the software back to manufacture defaults. At this point, I highly doubted this would be a software problem, but still reluctantly followed the steps via our phone conversation. We still saw the flickering! Flicking issue is NOT caused by restoring all system drivers/OS defaults.
  4. We called support again and this time we were told ship the laptop back to Lenovo. So we sent out Idea pad in December 31st 2010.  It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the graphics card/RAM hardware is probably faulty, causing instability in our display. Support can’t just tell us to just remove and change software for something like this.
  5. On Jan 4th, we got an email notification from Lenovo that the laptop was received.
  6. On Jan 10th, we got a call from Lenovo support (They don’t see screen flicking issue) My daughter called the support back and they told her that laptop will be shipped back to us with no changes.  During the call, support technically disrespectfully put my daughter on hold from time to time, and the phone connection got cut off. The whole call lasted about 30 minutes. (Technician obviously incompetent and did not take the TIME or EFFORT to reproduce the issue.) This issue is an instability issue with HARDWARE and is beyond the scope of a simple-minded Lenovo technician who reads out of a manual.
  7. On Jan 11th, I called again and was told the same thing (that the technician could not find the flicking issue on our  laptop. They said the laptop will be sent back to us as is. I asked the support what would happen if we still see the same issue again. I was told I should call support again... and we will do diagnostic on the phone again. This is completely unsatisfactory as we went through ALL of the technicians diagnositic steps and were asked to send it in.

I told support that my daughter has already gone back to school without a laptop and  that we can’t go over this same tedious cycle again.


At this point, I told the support person that I wasn’t happy with this answer and asked to talk to a supervisor or the customer relations department.  I was put on hold for couple minutes then I was told supervisor is not available and busy.

I said that I was willing to wait or give my information, and when a supervisor is available, he/she could call me back. They said the only option was to return our faulty laptop. The whole call lasted about 45 minutes but I still don’t know what the support would do differently if the problem shows up again. This has been a terrible customer/technical support experience.


          It is Lenovo to deliver a quality computer, and our warranty guarantees this. It  is Lenovo’s responsibility to uphold this agreement and make sure their product is  working. We have went through ALL if not more of the steps to try to get our              product fixed, and still have had nothing resolved.   


 it is very long writing now,  The end result of our issue with Lenovo support ends with   'We can't reproduce your issue, We  will send it back to you. If you still see the issue call us back again' 

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Poor Support on my U460 screen flicking issue

After a week of waiting laptop to be shipped back to us,  I called support again (Jan 17th ).  this time I was told that technician still try to find the root cause of flicking issue and customer does not have any updates !!!!!  Could high level management do something in the new year to make end cusomter happy ?


Former Employee
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Re: Lenovo Poor Support on my U460 screen flicking issue


Sorry for the issues which you had with the support side. Kindly PM me the following information and I will create a complaint ticket to the complaint management team for their assistance to look into this issue.

Model Type:
Serial Number:
Date of Purchase:
Case #:


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