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I need some help with my webcam on my S10-2 netbook


I have tried to toggle it with the Fn+Esc bit it still doesn't work properly.


Drivers : I've got the EasyCamera, LiteOn and even the Bison and when I chose to setup it would lead to unistall [supposed to be it is installed already?]


I don't think I've changed a thing with drivers since it was all installed when bought. I've tried at the MyComputer>LenovoEasyCamera to test the camera but yet, it captures blank [black].


The first time I noticed about this is went I've tried to login with my VeriFace and it just captures darkness [it worked before this]  



Try an application to test your camera 


When pressing fn+esc is a graphic like the following example shown? 

If not, it could be the hot keys are not working - reinstall hotkey drivers & power management.





It may work best to un-install  the current drivers first, then restart the computer, and then install drivers again.

Check the camera test site link above again, if it doesn't work, it may be loose cable or camera issue.

Contact lenovo support.

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Hi, I have a similar trouble with my web cam but with an additional problem: My keyboard is not working properly and I am using an external USB keboard, so there is no "Fn" key to activate my web cam.  I have reinstalled Windows 7 recently. But my web cam is not detected and I can not install the drivers. Is there another way to activate the web cam whitout using the shortcut Fn + Esc ? Thanks.