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Lenovo S10 boot problem

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I have a new and recent boot problem with my Lenovo S10


When turned on by the battery, the laptop will display the lenovo boot screen, then turn off. The hard drive stops abruptly and makes an ugly grinding sound. The laptop boots fine when connected to power.

I first thought it was the battery not charged enough to power the system, but this boot failure also happens when the battery is charged 100%


I installed the 14CN59WW bios 2 weeks ago, and it works fine, but this boot problem has been happening for the last week. I am using the original battery, and original power adapter and I have no major changes to my software, as I use it for basic word processing and web browsing. The system will boot up if I connect the s10 to power, turn it on, and take out the power to let it run on battery, but it will not turn on by battery alone and just shuts off.


Edit: After the system successfully powers on, it seems to be fine and normal with no problems.


I need someone to troubleshoot this problem, or if it can't I will send it  back under warranty as I've only had this netbook for a month.

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Re: Lenovo S10 boot problem

That is a bug in bios version 59. You should upgrade to 67
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