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Lenovo S10 crash

Well, i am using a Lenovo S10 with upgraded ram to 2048 megabytes.


I recently installed veriface software.  Everything went downhill fast from there.  After i installed it, XP started crashing everywhere(you could see a flash of the blue screen before it almost instantaneously powers down). Then, on top of that, Linux mint started to crash as well.  So, i decided to format my computer  using a live cd of ubuntu to get to the partition editor (saving my documents folder of courseSmiley Very Happy )  After i formatted everything, i ran XP and it loaded all files fine until it said it was loading the installer.  From here it hangs on the blue screen until I turn the thing off.  After much pain, i finally got ubuntu to actually install.  It ran fine for a little while and then it started to crash violently as well.  Programs run and sometimes load before they quit.  It crashes completely if the program does not quit automatically. 


I think it might be because veriface was a 64 bit program running on a 32 bit machine. I think it is hardware related now. I ran a disk check before i actually installed ubuntu and it found 1 "bad" file.  I just need a way to end the crashing and be able to run an OS without it kicking the bucket.  I cannot do much on the actual computer due to the frequent crashing.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Lenovo S10 crash



Try running the memory test from the Ubuntu install disk. My money is on a hardware error - maybe the new ram is badly seated in its socket or has gone bad over time. Try removing and reinstalling if memtest86 gives errors, then run memtest86 again. It may take a while to display an error, so let it run a couple of times.




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All systems crashes

I agree with hpholm

 the symptom of your described crashes

 is your memoryupgrade is the faulty ...

i bet you can easily install all systems xp,mint,ubuntu with the onboard 512 mb memory .. without any fault...

when you plug in the extra memory 2GB stick, the system will crash...


i prefer a  corsair memory 2GB 667 MHz ...for the lenovo s series


sincerely KalvinKlein

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