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Paper Tape
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Lenovo S205 Warranty Seal

In the manual for my S205, at the back it gives instructions for changing the HDD, RAM, etc. I followed the instructions to open the laptop to get to these parts, but discovered that one of the screws that I needed to remove was covered by a sticker which looked a bit like a warranty seal. Would it void the warranty on my laptop if I were to break this seal to upgrade the hard drive, despite it giving me clear instructions on how to do this in the manual?

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Re: Lenovo S205 Warranty Seal

in normal circumstances, you can install hdd, ram etc. without voiding the warranty but warranty conditions may change by country.

i suggest you to check the user manual first. if there's not much information, you can wait for someone else to respond or call lenovo support line for further information.

hope this helps.
Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo S205 Warranty Seal

Here in the Philippines, once the seal is broken, warranty void.