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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo S510P restarts after shutting down

This problem is not the natural OS problem where an application resists the machine from shutting down and hence the machine restarts...

This is differemt..

I had posted on this community earlier too, but no one seems interested to reply to my post..

Its high time to take some bold steps because its almost 10 months (my laptop is just 11 months old) that i am facing the same problem and no one from this community or even the customer care people are able to solve the problem. 

If you are not able to solve the problem please atleast exchange the machine..



When I shutdown the laptop, the laptop starts automatically after 2-3 sec(it does not restart) after it gets switched off completely(the white led light on power button is off). This scenario is different from the normal restart where the led light is on all the time. Here, the led light goes down(turns off) which means that the laptop is turned off completely, but suddenly after 2-3 sec the laptop starts again..
I am facing this problem from the second month of purchase. I am using DOS system, with 64 bit Win7. I have formatted OS a couple of times.

I was asked to replace the motherboard of the laptop by one of your Customer Service Centre, and I did so, but the problem is not solved. Although i have started facina a new problem of heating. The laptop heats up quickly and the laptop has restarted due to generation of extensive heat couple of times.

The laptop is currently in the Lenovo Customer Care since last 5 days for the above mentioned reasons.
Serial Number of my laptop is **********

I am facing a problem since last 10 months and no one from Lenovo Community seems interested to solve my problem. Neither the customer care is able to solve the issue.



I feel sorry that I trusted Lenovo for their technology and their support..



You can view my earlier post in the following link:

I mentioned about the role of RAM in this problem, but even after removing the extra RAM card, the problem still persists. 


Mod comment: Serial number removed for members protection.


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