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What's DOS?
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Lenovo S510p not connecting to Netgear router

To be plain and simple I got this laptop as a replacement to finish my college classes with. It connects to my home wifi (AT&T U-verse gateway), our college wifi (Eduroam by Clemson), and most other internet. It just won't connect when I visit my parent's home. I have tried their password, clicking the auto-connect on the router, resetting the router, restarting my computer, updating all my Windows 8 64bit stuff, updating my wireless driver, etc.

The computer DOES connect via an ethernet cable. 

Interestingly enough my husband's Lenovo will also not connect. My iPhone and most other devices in the house connect to NETGEAR 33-5G even though the actual network is called NETGEAR 33. My own Lenovo however does not see any other network besides NETGEAR 33.

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