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Fanfold Paper
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Location: Dubai UAE
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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD



Does Lenevo have a functioning and able CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER in Dubai? Would anyone be kind enough to give the complete contact details?



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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD

[ Edited ]

as i describe in first post...the other way leave windows on SSD..
needs more maintenance... isnt comfortable for normal user...

Saving Space on SSD
Paging is, in a simple sense, space of the 4G SSD,
 used by the operating system in a fashion similar to RAM.
While 512mb of RAM is sufficient to run Windows XP pagefiling
 is automatically set to a recommended level by Windows.

To disable pagefile right-click on the -My Computer- icon
& click “Properties” to bring up the “System Properties” window.
From here the u can see there are tabs along the top of the window,
select Advanced-tab then click settings button under performance.

Along the top of the performance option window there are three tabs -
select the advanced-tab.

By selecting the -No paging file-option u can recover the space
which would otherwise used as virtual memory.
 It is possible to set a custom range of space to be used as virtual memory.
After selecting an amount of space, or no space, to dedicate to pagefile,
click “Set” . To save the changes, Windows will reboot.

System Restore
System restore is a service that allows u to roll back Windows XP
 to pre-established -restore points-. Windows
allocates room of SSD for restore points.
to reduce the amount of space reserved for system
 restore or it can be disabled altogether.

To access system restore right click My Computer
& click properties. Under -System Restore-tab
 adjust the slider to increase or decrease the space
 reserved for system restore, disable system restore .


To adjust the visual style of Windows XP for best performance,
simply right-click My Computer, click properties,
advanced tab, click settings under performance
 and adjust the visual effects for best performance.

Indexing Service
Indexing service is a service which runs in the background
 without user input and maintains an index of most of the
 computer's files in order to facilitate file searching.

To disable indexing service go to My Computer right-click
 on the C drive. I
the very last option, allow indexing service,
 is left unchecked. This will turn off indexing service.

System Configuration Utility
You can access the system configuration utility by typing “msconfig”
in run in the start menu.

Once you press enter the following window should appear:

Along the top of the “System Configuration Utility” window
there are six tabs. In the “Startup” tab you can

choose to disable certain programs.
uncheck all
but leave required ...
Energy Management

The other tabs should be left alone.
 If you make changes to the system configuration utility
 Windows will prompt you to restart.

Recommended Programs often smaller, faster & are free.
Abiword open source word processing instead of Microsoft Word.
Open Office  open source instead Microsoft Office.
7-zip/Peazip instead Winzip
Pidgin  IM client  w/o ads.
Foxit  instead Adobe Acrobat Reader
vPod  alternative to iTunes - vpod as a music transfer utility
Photoscape ed & convert RAW images into JPEG.
Billy --> light pure audio player
xnview-->picture diashow...


sincerely KalvinKlein


Found this only 




9AM - 6PM
Sunday - Thursday


IdeaPad S9e & S10e

Message Edited by KalvinKlein on 07-09-2009 10:38 PM
Thinkies 2x X200s/X301 8GB 256GB SSD @ Win 7 64
Ideas Centre A520 ,Yoga 2 256GB SSD,Yoga 2 tablet @ Win 8.1
Fanfold Paper
Posts: 19
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Location: Dubai UAE
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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD

Hi Kalvin,


Thanks for your reply.


As you said, the Lenovo S9e needs more maintenance!! This is tantamount to having a brand new car but before you can speed up on the freeway you need to pull over and check the engine yourself and do some reconfiguration. I don't think any good and reputable car company will allow you to do this!!??


The number you mentioned is for technical support available only during weekdays/office hours only. There seems to be no Lenovo Customer Service Center available in Dubai. No details at and in fact the website is quite clumsy.


Btw, can you help me find out what is Lenovo's procedure for product recall?

Thank you.
Fanfold Paper
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎06-26-2009
Location: Dubai UAE
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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD

Hi Kelvin, I know you are an avid Lenovo fan and supporter. I believe you are the best person who can help Lenovo redeem its name. Can you please help me find out the contact details of Lenovo's Middle East Customer Service Manager?


Likewise, please help me understand what is Lenovo's benchmark in resolving customer cases like this one. I don't think Lenovo people would like to sleep on their job while they know one of their valued customers is suffering a lot from the troubles brought about by their defective product!!


Thanks again for cooperation and support and I wish to hear from you very soon.

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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD



Welcome to the forum.  Smiley Happy


I see that KalvinKlein has made a number of recommendations for how you can configure your system, and honestly, I think he has provided a number of valuable suggestions and recommendations.  I would suggest re-reading Kalvin's last several posts as he offers a number of options for you to get the most out of your S9e system. 


Here is a link to the support centers contact list page.  If you need to get in touch with support, this would be the best place to start.  I'm sharing this in reference to your request for how to contact Lenovo support / service.


While the 4GB SSD and separate 160 GB HDD configuration adds some complexity and configuration considerations to the system, I'm not sure I would classify it as defective.  


Still, if you find this configuration to be completely unsuitable for your needs, I understand.  In such case, your best course of action then might be to contact your point of purchase and evaluate your options for return or exchange for a different model system. 


Best regards,








ThinkPads: S30, T43, X60t, X1, W700ds, IdeaPad Y710, IdeaCentre: A300, IdeaPad K1
Mark Hopkins
Program Manager, Lenovo Social Media (Services)
twitter @lenovoforums
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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎06-26-2009
Location: Dubai UAE
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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD

Dear Mark,


Thanks for your response. Please let me clarify when I mean defective it is as if beyond normal. As I pointed out in my previous posts, the product looks like a brand new car and before I can speed up I needed to pull over and do reconfiguration of the engine. When I purchased my Lenovo,  this defect was not highlighted by the store, instead they offered an extra 1 gig memory while it mentioned the 160 GB hard drive.


The link you provided shows this contact details:


UAE English
Arabic 8000-2000-141 9AM - 6PM
Sunday - Thursday G Series / IdeaPad S Series



What I needed to know is the complete contact details including the manager of Lenovo's Middle East Customer Service Center.


Before I made my posts here, I referred this case to my point of purchaset (Sharaf DG Times Square Dubai) and they could only refer me to the authorized service center which is Jumbo Electronics and they are useless as well.


I always wanted owning a Lenovo laptop and when I purchased my Lenovo S9e I was so proud displaying it to my friends until we noticed something's quite abnormal on its design.


With the inconveniences brought about by this defective Lenovo S9e, please advise how do you plan to rectify this case.


Thank you.

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎06-26-2009
Location: Dubai UAE
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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD

[ Edited ]



Message Edited by TitoG on 07-15-2009 12:19 PM
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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD

Have you already contacted support or your point of purchase as suggested by Mark? What were their responses? These are the normal channels and proceedures to follow if you consider a Lenovo system to be faulty.



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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎06-26-2009
Location: Dubai UAE
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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD

as mentioned above:


Before I made my posts here, I referred this case to my point of purchase (Sharaf DG Times Square Dubai) and they could only refer me to the authorized service center which is Jumbo Electronics and they are useless as well.

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎06-26-2009
Location: Dubai UAE
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Re: Lenovo S9e HDD

hi Andy, let me add that not only the Lenovo product that I purchased is faulty but Lenovo's system as well! What is the benchmark of Lenovo in resolving customer issues? Is it days, weeks, months, years??? Do you really have a Customer Service Center in the Middle East or at least in your HQ that can handle this case?