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Paper Tape
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Lenovo U410 Keyboard suddenly not working (only partially)

Hello to all,


The Keyboard of my lenovo U410 suddenly stopped working properly. It's not like the whole keyboard doesn't work, but some keys do work, and some don't. (on the top row, only 5 & 6 work. below that only t & y work. But below that all the keys a to l work!)

I tried to download the drivers from the Lenovo website already, but these are the same as the drivers that were already on my computer I believe. That doesn't work. System recovery (to the system status of a week ago) doesn't work either.

Does anyone have any ideas? it might be that this is a hardware problem, but I've had several problems with my touchpad in the past too. And then in the end with a lot of trying, it worked again. So before I will have the keyboard replaced, can anyone help me with ideas, how to possibly fix this? I'm also fine with recovering the whole system while I have a backup of all my files. I just don't really know how to do this without loosing windows really.


Thanks in advance.




Paper Tape
Posts: 11
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Re: Lenovo U410 Keyboard suddenly not working (only partially)

Could this one be closed?

I managed to reinstall windows, and that even didn't help. So I guess it's a hardware problem, so I would like to change my question.



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Community Moderator
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Re: Lenovo U410 Keyboard suddenly not working (only partially)

No need to start a new topic if you are having a hardware issue, just continue on with this post.


An easy way to tell if you are experiencing a hardware issue is to use a USB keyboard.  If you have one or can borrow one then plug that in.  If the USB keyboard works without problems then mostly likely you are having a hardware issue with the laptop's keyboard especially since you re-installed Windows.


If you are comfortable working inside a laptop I would double check the ribbon cable for the keyboard.  It is possible that over time the ribbon cable worked itself loose and may cause the problems you are having.  Try re-seating the cable first.  If that doesn't resolve the problem then consider replacing the whole keyboard.  Low cost replacement keyboards can be readily found on such websites as eBay and Amazon.  If you are not comfortable working inside your laptop then see if a local repair center or a able friend or family member can assist you. 


For your reference I have included a link below to your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual.  The manual explains how to remove and replace the various hardware items in your laptop........

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