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Lenovo U410 loud fan noise

Hi!Recently ive bought a laptop U410. Not so lond ago i noticed that the fan is running almost always in high regime and creates an irritating noise. When the computer starts, it is quiet, as it should be, bit in some 5 minutes after start this fan noise begings (may be when processor temperature reaches 45 degrees C)

Now the temperatures are:CPU 52 *C, PCH 69* C'

Laptop has the following configuration: Core i3 2377m 1,5 ghz, 4 gb ram, gf 610m, 500 hdd+24 ssd, Windows 8,1 (updated yesterday, it didn't help to get rid of this noise)

Waiting for the response

BR, Yuri

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Betreff: Lenovo U410 loud fan noise (fix)

I also have a Lenovo U410 and experienced the same problem with a noisy fan some time ago. For me, it appeared after I updated my system to Win 8.1 but with some delay. So, I'm not sure whether it is a BIOS / firmware problem or a problem with Lenovo's power manager software (new updated version is not working better concerning the noise).


So, I found a solution of my own to regulate the fan speed manually. I'm using NotebookFanControl freeware by Stefan Hirschmann which is published here:!APNc-4e4i7-KxOw#c...


With some testing and the software RWEverything, I got the parts of the EC which is responsible for fan speed + control. I created a config file for NotebookFanControl which should be able to control the fan speed now:

Config Lenovo U410 Fan control


The config file might also work for U310 and similar models, but not sure. Feedback?


For me, it works great. You can optimize the fan speed values if you want. Enjoy Smiley Happy

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Betreff: Lenovo U410 loud fan noise (fix)

I have U310 and it works with the config for U410.
There is a catch.. When I bought U310 I flashed it with bios for U410 Smiley Very Happy (I wanted the function keys mainly) and well.. It remained alive.
So I can confirm, that it works on U310 with U410 bios so far.
It will probably work for regular U310 too Smiley Very Happy

Thank you very much for this information!
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Betreff: Lenovo U410 loud fan noise (fix)

Hi, I can't seem to get the software to work. I downloaded the most recent version from what you linked (12-28-2012 I believe). I then opened the config file of the Medion Ayoka and pasted in the config file that you had provided. However, this had absolutely no effect on my laptop's fans (u410). In the application, I did not touch anything, but my fan speed remains at ~174% no matter how hot my CPU is. What should I do?

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