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Lenovo U530 Ideapad Touch Hinge Failure

So I purchased my Ideapad U530 Touch two years ago and unfortunately I had an extremely common hardware failure occur after my warranty period. One day, without reason or warning, my left hinge on my laptop completely failed when I went to open it. The hinge was stuck in the closed position and when opened it seperated from the laptop screen with a series of unexpected cracks and pops. I spent over $1,000 on this laptop expecting it to make it through my years at college but now I am left with a laptop barely connected to it's built-in monitor.


I contacted lenovo support and the support rep even admitted that this is an extremely common occurence but stated that since I am out of warranty, I am basically out of luck and $1,000. You can easily google or search these forums and find that this is obviously a fault in the Lenovo design but they stated that nothing can be done because they can't put me in the system even. The support rep sounded extremely foreign and was unwilling to provide me with any help other than calling Best Buy and paying for a repair.


My problem with this is that if I was "lucky" enough to have this design flaw happen during my warranty, I would be provided a repair. But since I was unlucky and had it occur after, I basically lost my money. To me, this is absolutely horrendous customer service for a company that I am sure has billions of dollars in profit. They sold me a flawed laptop that was destined to break at some point and now I have no choice but go purchase another laptop. I will absolutely never purchase another Lenovo product after this experience and I will make sure every company that I ever purchase for going forward will never purchase another Lenovo. I will adamantly warn others not to purchase as well.


As a college senior, I expected a $1,000 investment to at least make it to graduation but I was obviously wrong. Lenovo, you really need to admit fault here and at least offer a decent solution to the problem.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo U530 Ideapad Touch Hinge Failure

Once you get over your shock, you can very easily find on this forum explanations on how to fix the hinge yourself.  And while your at it, fix the other hinge so that  you won't have to go through this again.  With my own fix, I drilled through the hinge screw holes and installed 4-40 machine screws, and it will never break again in the same way.

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