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Lenovo application and software description

This is a brief on some of the applications that come with your Lenovo system. Depending on your operating system, some features may not be applicable.


  1. Lenovo Direct Share:- This application allows users to share data over a network. It is similar to Window's File Sharing utility.

  2. Lenovo Energy Management (LEM):-  Lenovo Energy Management manages notebook power and support some of Fn function keys. It uses an auto-start approach and provides controls needed in fine-tuning power consumption and various notebook components' performances. Users can adjust touch sensitivity (depending on their Lenovo systems and operating systems) or select and adjust Power Plans to maintain optimal battery life.

  3. Lenovo Split Screen:- This is similar to Windows 7’s Aero Snap feature, where users can resize open windows by dragging to the screen edges to expand views vertically, or to have them appear side-by-side with another. LSS allows users to create custom grids.

  4. Lenovo ReadyComm:-  Users can use Lenovo Readycomm to connect their laptops to various Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.
  5. Lenovo SlideNav:- This feature allows users to launch an application software or open files quickly. All a user has to do is slide his/ her finger across a bar to quickly launch applications. This feature also makes changing laptop wallpapers an easy task, or make inactive devices such as keyboards and touchpads.

  6. OneKey Recovery:- This is a preloaded program on Lenovo systems which helps users to restore their system to factory default with the use of one button, to backup data and create factory disks. 

  7. Lenovo Veriface:VeriFace is a face-recognition software package that is a registered trademark of Lenovo. VeriFace identifies users by matching unique features of individual faces to photographs taken by the webcam.

  8. Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer:- This software is used to optimize the boot process of your Lenovo laptop.


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