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Lenovo s510p touch - shift keys sticky and erratic

I've had by S510p for about two years.  Running Windows 10. The shift key started being erratic this afternoon.  When holding the shift key, sometimes typing letters or characters works and sometimes not.  When it doesn't work, it's simply a case of nothing showing up on the page.  It may work 5 times in a row, but then not work a few times.  This is particularly problematic for typing in passwords.  It doesn't seem to always be in conjunction with any specific keys (sometimes a capital I or an ! works, and sometimes it doesn't).  Any suggestions?

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Re: Lenovo s510p touch - shift keys sticky and erratic

A couple of things to try.  First, try doing a reset.  This may resolve any hardware conflicts the system is having.  Just do this......

1. Shut down Windows and unplug the charger / adapter.
2. Remove the battery.
3. Press and hold the Power Button for 15 seconds.
4. Re-install the battery, plug in the charger / adapter if needed and power up the system to see if the problem was resolved.


If that doesn't resolve the problem, do you have access to a USB keyboard that you can try?  If the USB keyboard doesn't exhibit the same problem then I would suspect the issue is with the laptop's keyboard.  Likewise if the issue is only with one of the two shift keys then it is a keyboard problem.


In the event the keyboard is at fault you can replace it yourself since your warranty has probably expired.  The replacement time should around 30 minutes and it is a fairly easy and inexpensive repair if you're comfortable working inside the laptop.  Otherwise a local computer repair shop would be able to do the repair.  Most Best Buys are authorized Lenovo repair locations.  Page #42 of your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual will explain how to remove the keyboard.  You will also find replacement keyboards are readily available on eBay or Amazon.


Here is a link to that manual for your reference....


Keyboard searches.....

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