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What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo u530 right side hinge broken

Same thing just happened to me.  Lenovo, how is there not a recall on this product?  Is no one monitoring these forums and posts?

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo u530 right side hinge broken

Seriously...there are a TON of posts here are regarding hinge breaking through the glass.  How anyone can ever buy a Lenovo again is beyond me.  My wife's early 2008 Macbook runs nearly as well as my 2 year old Lenovo despite being a Core 2 Duo with 2 gigs of ram, not to mention the hinges haven't busted through the screen.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo u530 right side hinge broken

I’m another victim to the Lenovo U530 hinge problem. I had just shut my laptop hour before, went to open 

And right side hinge ceased. You’re not thinking about it happening so because your still in the open motion you generally 

Break things like I did. The ferules pulled out and it cracked the plastic. I take the laptop apart because Lenovo would not

Help at all. The hinge was so tight I had to use two pairs of pliers to get the hinge moving again. My laptop is like brand new or was, not much dust or any kind of build up. So because they would not send me the parts to fix it myself I'm seeking a engineer.,pretty pist off because this should not happen. I didn’t have the money to send it in for repairs. There should be a recall on these hinges. This is a way for them to make more money.  They have pist me off so bad, I’m looking for engineer to look at hinge to figure out what the defect is. It sounds like when this happens there’s a good chance it can break the LCD also. When the hinge pulls out, the LCD falls down and hits the sharp edge of the screws and shatters LCD. We as consumers shouldn’t be paying for Lenovo's engineering mistakes. If anybody knows of good engineer that would look at these hinges please email me. I have feeling Lenovo will remove this post but hopefully they will make it right before they owe a ton of money.



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What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo u530 right side hinge broken

Another one bites the dust....2 years old U530, left hinge.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo u530 right side hinge broken

mine as well, not even 2 years old yet. Very disappointed, thought the metal design and all looked like a solid build. Does anyone know any fix for this?


My display has also started flickering on just the right side of the screen, about 1/3 of it from top to bottom. 


Very annoying as I can't see the time or the settings for volume and wifi and the control centre at all. Turns black whenever the background is on the lock screen or white. 


I'm in Canada however I bought the laptop from the States , Best Buy in Arkansas. 

Serial Port
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Re: Lenovo u530 right side hinge broken

There are 2 "fixes" for this "broken hinge" repair:

1. DIY repair

2. Lenovo repair


1:  In this forum, you will find DIY repair instructions that amount to driving very shallow screws through the cover & hinge assembly.  Not for the faint of heart, but several users felt this was there last/only option.  Some users were actually advised WRONGLY by Lenovo early in the "research" phase of this issue that they could not repair since out of warranty, but Lenovo later retracted their "out of luck" position and began repairing units.


2:  In this forum, you will find instructions how to properly contact Lenovo, what exactly to advise the agent and your expectations for repair.  From personal experience, I can tell you my (wife's) laptop was over 2 years old but Lenovo shipped me prepaid label and packaing to ship laptop in for repair... NO COST.


*  You will need to enclose a note asking tech to NOT REMOVE PROTECTIVE FILM FROM REPLACEMENT DISPLAY.  These techs are dumb as rocks.  My display was replaced, they removed film and they scratched the display, so I had to ship it back to have the display replaced again.  Honest mistake, right?  No.  This display looked like it had been handled by 100 grease-monkeys.  I had to wipe off the thick cover of fingerprints and goo to reveal the scratch.


*  You will need to back up the data on your hard drive because Lenovo will fing whipe your hard drive EVEN IF YOU PROVIDE ADMINISTRATOR LOGIN CREDENTIALS FOR THEM TO LOG IN TO WINDOWS FOR "DIAGNOSIS".  I almost didn't back up my drive, thinking "Why would they wipe my drive other than to be complete ?"  Well, they did.


*  You will need to be patient.  The timeline they provide you is a joke.  Their 10-day turnaround is really closer to a month and a half.  Mine took almost 3 months because they had to fix twice.


*  You will need to advise the agent of the recall "memo" for this issue.  This is what covers you 6 months beyond the warranty.  If your laptop is beyond 2 years, simply advise agent your warranty is extended up to 1 additional year automatically by your credit card, which will most likely put you in the timeframe of their coverage for this issue.  Be assertive.  Lenovo doesn't care about your business.  But the person taking your call cares about their job and their job is to follow protocol and their protocol has already been established for this issue:  they will cover all expenses to repair laptop 6 months beyond warranty.  When you add the auto 1 year coverage- that's 2 1/2 years you're covered for this claim.


*  I repeatedly read comments like "I can't afford to pay for shipping laptop to Lenovo".  First of all, if you believe you can't afford $20 or $30 to repair a $700-$900 laptop, you are not thinking clearly.  Secondly, consider that you probably put $30 into your gas tank every week for your job.  Also consider that by not spending $30, you WILL spend another $700-$900 for another laptop.  This is a no-brainer folks.  (In my best Obi Wan voice) Don't let your anger cloud common sense.


Bottom line is to stow away your anger and hatred for Lenovo just long enough to get your laptop repaired, and then go back to bashing Lenovo.  They deserve it for this issue.  Should have been a recall.


Mod's Edit: Removed profanity slangs per Forum Rules.  Please keep in mind that this forum is read by people of all ages.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo u530 right side hinge broken

Posting this in case, like me, there are others out there just now going through this for the first time.  First, like many here, lenovo was no use as it's out of warranty.


I fixed the hinge in about 20 minutes using rivets, working from what others here did with small screws and nuts.  The rivets give a cleaner look on the outside of the case, are just as easy to work with, and a tool and set of rivets will only set you back about $20 at any Lowes or Home Depot.


I used 3mm (diameter) steel rivets, and in hindsight would recommend pairing that with a 3mm length to get a flush finish on the inside while still being secured.  I tried 6mm length as well but will have to shave them down a bit to get the plastic trim back on and that's a pain.  I widened the hinge holes a tiny bit and drilled through the aluminum casing, all with a 7/64" bit and it was a nice snug fit with the 3mm rivets.  The metal nuts that were originally set into the failed plastic weren't re-used and the rivets replace the three phillips screws.2.jpg1.jpg3.jpg

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