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Paper Tape
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My battery won't charge!!

Out of no where my battery will not recharge!! It shows it is plugged in and should be charging yet...NADA! Anyone ideas? My machine is not even a month old!
lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: My battery won't charge!!

The battery probably died on you, maybe a fuse in the battery charging circuit is blown for some reasons. If you are still within 12 months warranty, then you can get it replaced.

Jin Li

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Re: My battery won't charge!!

Unplug your battery when the mains is off. Run your unit on mains for a while. Switch off completely. Reinset your battery and power on mains again. If it still doesn't charge, then like stated in the earlier post, something is damaged. Always ensure that the battery is not plug in or out when the mains is on. Good luck.
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Paper Tape
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Re: My battery won't charge!!

I have a question about this.

A similar, but different thing happened to me. When my computer wasn't even a month old, my battery indicator suddenly stopped working properly (at first I thought it's the indicator's problem). So I called technical support and was told to try using the one key recovery thing. After all that  recover, reinstall hassles, the problem still remained. I called again and got a replacement.


What I want to know is how to protect the battery. I don't know what I did to make the old battery a defective one. As I noticed, when the computer is on, the charging will automatically stop after it's fully charged. How about when the computer is off? Does it overcharge the battery? What are the things that I need to beware of in order to protect my new battery?

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Re: My battery won't charge!!

The battery will not overcharge even if the computer is off. It will stop charging once it is fully charged unless the battery itself is defective. The main point to protect your battery is not to plug it in or out while the computer is still connected to the mains or while the computer is on. Only unplug your battery when everthing is off.   
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Re: My battery won't charge!!

I got a new Lenovo Ideapad, Windows 10, that is only a couple days old and I'm already having problems charging it, and problems with the keboard, and I've Had lots of problems with the trackpad. The laptop had great reviews and yet it is bad! I dont know if it is just mine or if they are a common problems. Please Help!!!

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Community Moderator
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Re: My battery won't charge!!

Welcome to the Lenovo Community ParkerLake !


Sorry to hear of the Issues you are having.  Since you didn't list a model number it is difficult to say if the problem is model related or what recommended fix would be.  Given the number of issues and the fact the laptop is a couple of days old I would just return it to the place of purchase and have them exchange it. 

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