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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-04, 6:21 AM


Just got my U410 back from service center [ they told me they have replaced some wifi sticker, NO idea on what that is], now atleast my ultrabook is able to detect the wifi signal better than before...Somewhat comparable to other laptops. Still testing on the speeds, but I am facing an issue because of the fix that my download breaks in the middle everytime, like if I try downloading a 80mb file, it downloads upto some 30-35 mb and then breaks....dont know what exactly the problem is   :( ...Any idea on this??  


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-04, 6:55 AM

Hi all,


as told on the page before I received back my U410 after repair and was happy about the now good wifi speed.


Neverthelesse it took the U410 very long to get connected to my wifi after boot-up. The signal was shown but with a yellow "attention"-signal. Hence, it had no correct connection for the first minute.


I uninstalled the pre-installed McAfee-Software and this problem is also gone...


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-04, 10:30 AM

Hello Mark/Lenovo Team,


This is concerning official WIFI Issues with Lenovo U310/U410.


As I read through the threads, It is officially stated thet the problem has been identified and permamnently resolved. Is it true? Post 23 July 2012 made systems are Wifi Issue Free!!!


I am planning to buy a new ultrabook and I am narrowing in on U410 Ideapad Ultrabook.


SO Can Lenovo officially confirm it so that I can make a sound decision. And will I get now an Ultrabook surely made after 23 July 2012 hence free of issues?


Many Thanks.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-04, 16:11 PM



Thanks - while there is one issue that this thread is focused upon, there can be other issues that come up and affect wifi.  Appreciate your sharing your feedback.





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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-04, 19:21 PM

Well my U410 is back in my hands at long last! Its Broadcom wireless/bluetooth card seems to have been replaced with an Atheros AR9285 card instead (and a BIOS update), and now the wireless speed doesn't drop to 5mbps when it's 10 yards away from my wireless router. Time will tell if this is a satisfactory fix, but from my brief test it seems better than it was before.


Three comments about this whole shenanigans:


1) The whole process took far too long. My laptop was picked up on Friday 17th Aug and returned to me on Tue 4th Sept. That's 2 weeks and 4 days.


2) There was no communication during the whole process. I was expecting emails (Your device has been delivered to Lenovo / Your device has been fixed / Your device is out for delivery) but I had to phone Lenovo support if I wanted an update.


3) At the service center my ideapad had two tracking stickers stuck to the back of it. So now I have this sleek looking laptop with minimal designs and logos on it, and two ugly stickers on the back. And they weren't the easy-to-remove kind, they were the corner-rips-off kind that leaves you with bits of sticky paper everywhere when you try to remove them. Not impressed. (It came good with a small piece of damp cloth and repeated wiping).


Anyway, I am glad my laptop is back with me and I hope that everything is now as it should be.


Edit: The replacement card, AR9285 is 2.4GHz only so if you have a fancy-pants WAP that can also do 5 GHz then that'll be worthless.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-05, 8:44 AM


Since nothing has been done since my last post I figured writing back in the forum is probably the only way Mark or any other moderator to get in touch with me...

I have my U410 with the wifi issue for well over a month now and I can't stress enough how frustrated I'm with Lenovo. I still have a U$400 Sony Vaio bought 5 years ago during black Friday that works great, if not better than this supposed ultrabook. That is actually the notebook I've been using since internet is a feature the U410 and U310 apparently DON'T have off the shelves, right?
My main problem is with the lack of support from Lenovo Brazil, where I unfortunately live, which doesn't even has a working phone number for customer support... In addition, they don't sell this model here and I can only dream with the day when they do so. I don't have any hopes for someone who is up to date with the wifi issue working at Lenovo Brazil, so if I happen to get in touch with them it would be a waste of time. I learned that some people (Brazilian) are also buying this notebook overseas and they are experiencing the same exact issues with wifi. I was then told Lenovo does not carry any support for U310/U410 owners because the models are not sold here, so It seems I'm left with a U$900 paper weight .

I bought this notebook in the US, therefore I should get help/support from Lenovo US, right?


: I have already sent you my info but I have not had an answer yet. I explained you my situation and I'm willing to send this notebook back. I can't wait any longer, I hope you can understand that. Lenovo has clearly messed up this time so it is fair you at least help us who unfortunately bought this defective machine.


: I see you have answered some people's questions, so if you can address my issue I appreciate that.    

Hi DecoBra,


Can you send me a private message with your information. I will get in touch with Services in Latin America and find out how it might be possible to help you.


Un saludo,

Miguel Gonzalez

EMEA Consumer Technical Trainer
Lenovo Slovakia


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-05, 9:18 AM

Since admins started to care about this topic again i still have that WiFi issue.

Low speed, low range. I'm from Poland.

My U310 was sent back 2nd time to Lenovo service but i doubt that they will fix that properly.

They had no idea about this issue and they didnt even wanted me to point them to this topic.




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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-05, 16:06 PM

Hey, can someone confirm that all laptops with the Atheros card are A-OK? That's the fix, right? Also, are all new U410 laptops  (manifactured post July) equipped with this card?


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-05, 21:09 PM

I recommend that everyone who is considering the u410 to stay away.  I returned mine today after many weeks of wasted hours.  Here is my story:


After seeing all the posts in this forum, before I made the decision to buy the computer I called Lenovo sales and tech support multiple times to confirm that this wifi issue was resolved.  They repeatedly told me that no such issue existed. I ordered the computer, and received it several weeks after it was supposed to arrive.  Lo and behold, it had the Intel centrino wifi adapter, and I had the same wifi issues that so many others here have described.  I then proceeded to spend no less than 10 hours with mostly incompetent tech support staff.  They finally concluded that yes, there is a hardware/compatibility issue.  They told me to get a replacement with a different wifi card.  They connected me to the warranty department, who then forwarded me to sales.  Every time I was forwarded I had to re-explain the situation.  They told me that they would be happy to send me a replacement, but that it would have the exact same specs as the computer I had. They told me that they could not replace just the wifi card.  Stupidity personified.  I informed them that they would be sending me a defective model.  They told me that was all they could do.  So I sent it back today. I will NEVER buy a lenovo computer again.  This was the worst customer experience I have ever dealt with.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-06, 4:54 AM

I am currently living in China, and would like to send my computer in to be fixed for this issue.


Where can I send my computer, and how long would it take for me to get it back?  Can an admin please contact me?

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