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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-25, 20:57 PM

I have one working soltion this problem, Wireless N USB Adapter. But i'm waiting for lenovo hardware resolution.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-29, 17:17 PM

I was about to buy a U410, and I'm glad I stumbled across this now. It's a shame, as it was one of the only laptops I was interested in. Obviously I cannot buy one now knowing of these unresolved problems.


I'm sure it would have been in Lenovo's interest to resolve this speedily. I'm not overly technical, but I don't really know why it would take so long to fix something like this, especially when this seems to me that it could easily be rectified by using a different wireless card? (There can't be that much difference between them all in terms of size and how they fit surely?).


It doesn't fill me with confidence in buying from Lenovo at all now. 


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-09-29, 19:33 PM

My new Lenovo U410 has just been ordered online (Mediamarkt, the Netherlands) and is on the way. I really fear now that I get an ultrabook with problems, after reading all this!!!

Mark, could you tell me if Lenovo changed the serial numbers of the versions manufactured after the 23th of july?

Because I do know the serial number already; it's on the invoice. The ultrabook won't arrive but on tuesday, and I'm so curious whether I'll be lucky with a never version Lenovo, or wheter I've spent a lot of money on something that will cause a lot of troubles and consume my time. I can send you my serial number in a private message, if you want to.


Or can someone on this forum here tell me a serial number from before, and after the 23rd of july as a manufacture date?


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-10-01, 18:04 PM




On the box there is a sticker with the manufacture date. 
If it it after 23 July then there is nothing to worry about.
If its before contact MediaMarkt and ask if they want to swap it for one with a other date.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-10-01, 23:19 PM

I recently won an u310 ultrabook from my college and from what ive been reading, I'm experiencing the low wireless connectivity. Is there a solution to this problem. I really love this ultrabook (better than my old hp laptop) and I dont want to have to experience this low wireless connectivity. Please I need a solution! 


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-10-02, 12:29 PM
Well nothing to worry about.. not really true. It's been posted here before that even the new models WiFi is crap. Perhaps better than the previous batch, but just saying to manage expectations. I also got one from mediamarkt nl, and I'm stuck with this broken thing. Medion Europe is in charge of ideapad warranty, just saying.

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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-10-03, 3:47 AM

I still waiting after a Month in Colombia Support Center in Bogota, after an error that show that the PC was at my own, when it was in Repair Center.

I only want that fix the problem, in the best way that you can,

else i'm going to sell it, and then buy an HP Ultrabook.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-10-03, 10:05 AM

Hi Mark


I bought my U310 yesterday and it was manufactured in late August.

I can say, that the problem is definitely not solved!!! Still very poor wifi connection. The internet connection of my u310 is much slower than it is with my old computer and only works when I'm in the same room as the rooter.




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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-10-03, 15:39 PM

Hi all,

I've read this thread from the beginning, having initially logged in to download the latest drivers, etc. in the hope that this would improve my U410's poor WiFi reception.

As others have stated, the Broadcom card initially packaged with my 410 had wireless connection issues, with an effective range of approx 10 feet.


I'm connected to a 35 Mbps Broadband service at home, and tested the U410 reception in various rooms in my house using Speedtest.net.

The U410 achieved 32 Mbps when connected to the router via ethernet, and only 9 Mbps when I placed the laptop beside the router and connected wirelessly.

When attempting to connect to the router in different rooms, the connection was erratic, sometimes not making any connection, at other times achieving very poor results, from 0.3 to 1.5 Mbps depending on distance from the router.

The U410 reception tests were easily beaten using my 5 year old Vaio.


I tried all the suggested fixes from Mark and various others on this thread, to no avail.


I sent the laptop to Medion (German office) for repair  on Sept 14th and took delivery of my laptop today.

There's no explanatory letter or email detailing what repairs were carried out or what tests were undertaken by Medion, so there's no point asking me what they did.



I am happy to report that my wireless reception is much improved, having tested the laptop in my attic (farthest point from  router) Speedtest was giving a result of 8.6 Mbps, which compares with the best tests previously undertaken before Medion performed repairs. Reception near the router has improved to 17.2 Mbps.


If it helps, this is the covering letter I included with my laptop to explain the issue:


Covering Letter accompanying Lenovo U410 Laptop for repair

Customer Reference: xxxxxx7718

Job Number: xxxxx0035


Dear Sir / Madam,


            Please find enclosed Lenovo IdeaPad U410 Ultrabook, Ref. xxxxxx7718.


The primary issue to be addressed is the recurring loss of wireless signal and poor range of wireless reception. Ethernet connection shows satisfactory ping and speed tests. Lenovo have suggested that the Wireless Network card is the source of the issue.


Additional details can be found on the Lenovo Customer Support forum at the following link:

Lenovo Administrator Message





Hopefully this information is sufficient to proceed with any repairs necessary.


Thanking you in advance,


Yours faithfully,






My shortcuts and desktop are unchanged, so I don't believe that I've been issued a replacement laptop, which should be good news for others.

Wireless adaptor has been changed to an Atheros AR9285.


When booting up, I was asked whether or not to start in Windows Repair mode (I chose yes) and there was some file repairs necessary, although the screen prompt didn't say what work was carried out.


Hopefully this helps others in the same situation, as it suggests that at least Medion Germany (showing stereotypical efficiency) are able to rectify the problem.




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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2012-10-03, 18:02 PM

Just received my U410 i7/8Gb/1TB  Manufacture date: 9/14/2012


The U410 came shipped with Intel Centrino 2200 Driver version  With this driver I was unable to connect to the internet despite seeing 2-3 bars.  My other laptop sitting next to my U410 was able to get online and did not have any connection issues.  Throughput on the U410 was 3-9 kbps.


After directly connecting the u410 to the router via ethernet, I was able to update the driver to from the Intel Website.  I was able to connect and use the wifi.  I was seeing full bars and connection speeds at 1MBps (this is due to my slow DSL connection not the WiFi).  Will do some more testing today to see if the updated driver fixes this issue.


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