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Re: U310 WiFi is too slow

2013-01-21, 18:11 PM
anyone here know how to replace the internal wifi card? I don't want to send mine to lenovo centre as it could take a month and probably fix nothing.

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Re: U310 WiFi is too slow

2013-01-21, 23:51 PM

anyone here know how to replace the internal wifi card? I don't want to send mine to lenovo centre as it could take a month and probably fix nothing.

The problem is replacing the wifi card might not fix the problem. The wifi card is connected to the antenna and laptop with 2 leads. If the antenna is the problem, changing wifi card will not do any good. See youtube video for u310 disassembly. It voids the warranty but it is fairly easy if you are careful when prying the bottom cover open. Use a credit card and slowly run along the edges after popping the cover area near the screen.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-01-22, 4:11 AM

So I picked up a u310 today manufactured in june if 2012. I got a good deal on it and bought it without knowing the wifi problem. After looking at all the posts I uninstalled macfee did all the windows updates and got a netgear wireless adaptor http://www.netgear.com/home/products/wireless-adapters/simplesharing/WNA1000M.aspx Before I did all this I was getting up to 3mbs not I just ran it and was getting 55mbs download speeds. 


So for those that need a quick fix this may be it. I know I am happy with it now. 


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Got my U310 BACK from repair ---> NO RESULT

2013-01-23, 15:49 PM

Hi all,


I tried to send my u310 back for the known wifi issue.

after 4 weeks i got a message it has arrived at my resellers shop

They told to the reseller they changed the defective parts (=wifi adapter).


Before sending it back I placed some sticker all over the laptop and I noted down the mac address.

I've place the stickers (transparent tape) such a way they have to remove it to be able to open the notebook.

Also in the event log I kept the last login date and noted it down.


When I got my notebook back I noticed the following:

- fysiek address (mac) did not change = so wifi card not replaced

- stickers and plastic packaging untouched = so laptop not opend

- last login event = not changed


conclusion they didn't even touched the device nor did they took a look at it.


My reseller only accept refunding when device have been send back after 3 times.

but my girlfriend needs it right now and we are thinking about to buy a nano usb wifi adapter from EDUP


PS: this is a belgium device (europe) and the support tech center is in holland which is the same tech center for medion so maybe that's the reason.


I will be filing a complain to lenovo together with my lawyer next week.


I'm deeply chocked how lenovo went from a top business computer branch to a very bad and amateuristic consumer company !




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Re: Got my U310 BACK from repair ---> NO RESULT

2013-01-24, 10:40 AM

Hi guys, just to let you all know I went ahead and got a USB wifi adapter and it works great... far stronger internet connections than I even experienced on my previous laptop.


I know it's not an ideal solution but it'll probably save you all a lot of hassle. I got my wifi adapter from Amazon. You can get it for $10/£10.


See here if you're in the US:



Or here if you're in Europe:




I just plugged it in and it started working (I also went into Control Panel -> Device Manager to disable the built-in wireless card that came with my U310).


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Experimenting - Possible First Steps to a DIY Fix?

2013-01-25, 5:25 AM

Hi everyone,


I wish I had seen this thread before purchasing my U310 this past Tuesday.  The one I recieved has a manufacturing date of June 12, 2012.


Anyway, I got it for $457 shipped, so I decided just to keep it.


Today I removed the bottom panel (you can find the hardware maintenance manual online if you google it, which has instructions).  I replaced the black painted/coated screw on the Centrino Wireless-N 2200 half-mini PCIe card with bare metal screw I had from another card.  This fix alone doesn't appear to have helped.


However, I tried running SpeedTest.net with the bottom cover of the laptop removed.  I have 50Mbps internet service and with the bottom cover removed my speeds were 45Mbps with line of sight to my router about 15 feet away.  I put the cover back on, ran speedtest with the laptop in the same spot, and only got 14Mbps.


It seems to me that the metal casing on this laptop is one of the big culprits.  I believe this was metioned somewhere earlier in this huge thread, but now we have some empirical data to support the theory!


It has been mentioned that Lenovo's fix for this problem involves additional shielding.  I'm not sure how that would help.   If anything, I would think the fix would be providing a spot for the signal to travel through the metal case more efficiently.


My iPod touch as a small section of plastic/rubber in the metal the back housing where the antenna is, to allow sigals to pass through. Why didn't Lenovo include a similar design feature in this Ultrabook?


Maybe one option would be to somehow modify the antennas to protrude from the case somewhere to improve wifi performance.  Just a thought.  I hope someone else can build on my ramblings.


- Jim (Philadelphia, PA, USA)


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Re: Experimenting - Possible First Steps to a DIY Fix?

2013-01-31, 18:42 PM

Tried your fix, the wifi works perfectly without cover. a solution might be making holes and get the antenna cables out of the cover then stick them on the backside of the cover with a tape.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-02-02, 11:21 AM

Isn't it weird that our dear Mark from Lenovo has been extremely absent, for the past WEEKS???

Like I thought. Lenovo is not taking responsibility. Deeply deeply deeply disappointing.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-02-07, 17:30 PM
Same with mine which I purchased dec 31 here in Canada. Been checking this forum daily for any updates from Lenovo. We should take this to their facebook page. Imagine 700+ posts about a defective/flawed design that they knowingly acknowledge and kept selling? Wowzers!!

Ps I refuse to buy an $20 external card seeing that I just spent $900+ on this brand spanking new machine!!

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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-02-10, 19:43 PM

Hi Gusys,


I put the following on Lenovo's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lenovo?fref=ts)



How good is my ultrabook (Hint: not very much)?

I bought my new ultrabook - idea u310 about three months ago. Excited from buying a new laptop I ran home and start playing with it. Immediately the problems started :( the biggest problem was the wifi range connectivity, even in the same room with the router in only a short distance of merely 10 meters (32ft) I couldn't get an internet connection. A short search at Google revealed that the problem is a well known one (http://ultrabooknews.com/tag/u310-wifi-problem/) I then contacted the customer service center. The customer service center informed me that there isn't nothing to do beside send the machine for repair. It took almost a month from the time I contacted the customer service center up to the point I got my new laptop repaired. Mind you this is a brand new machine. My misery didn't end there, even after my ultrabook came back "repaired", the problem wasn’t fixed. I still couldn't get a solid connection to my home network (where’s my galaxy smartphone and work laptop seems to have no problem). A further investigation and chats with fellow owners revealed that the problem comes from the metal case of the laptop and that there isn't much that can be done. It’s is unfortunate that a well-known company like Lenovo issued such a defected product.

I regret the very moment I chose Lenovo U310. I spent more than 700$ on this ultrabook, 700$ that I know understand just gone to waist. If you’re thinking about buying Lenovo, think again.

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