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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-05-21, 17:39 PM

Lenovo is really a great producer with trash for customers.



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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-05-30, 19:04 PM



Can you please provide the modification to rectify the U310 wifi problem






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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-05-30, 19:00 PM



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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-06-02, 20:08 PM

Lenovo is still having wireless issues with all of their ideapads.  


I tried refreshing the PC, installing new drivers, contacting tech support and letting them drive - no improvement.  I was unable to get above 1 mbps down and 3 mbps up while every other wireless device in my household is at 25 mbps / 10 mbps.


Don't fall into the trap thinking they had 2 years to get their act together.  Horrible service, horrible laptop, BUYER BEWARE.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-06-09, 10:54 AM

Hey Everyone! I believe I found the solution to the WIFI problem.


Ok so I bought my U310 (click on the link to see the specifics)  from Mediamarkt.de  a couple of days ago and I was facing the exact same problems. My WIFI didn't work;it would say there were no networks in range although there were like 15 of them, when it did work it was for 5 minutes and then it would just DC and I had to go diagnose the problem and go through a troubleshoot to repair it, after which it would break down after 5 mins again.


However I think I found a permanent solution being that after I did it, its been working normally. I'm not saying it will work for your laptop 100% cuz there's no way of knowing it, but you can at least try.


Ok so its quite simple, I just went to Intel's official support site and scanned for the new updates. I then updated my 'Wireless Networking (WIFI)' component to the version and since then its working!
Also, even though you updated the drivers you may still notice your wifi speed when tested is a bit SLOW. I then figured that if your using your ultrabook UN-plugged only on battery it is designed as a power scheme to save energy, and it does so by limiting the WIFI strength among other things. As soon as you PLUG it in power and select the HIGH-PERFORMANCE battery scheme it should go twice as fast.

So e.g.. My scores (which I measured on http://www.speedtest.net/ )were 6-8mb/s download and 2-3mb/s  upload when unplugged and on BALANCE performance on the other hand it was up to 14-16mb/s download and 8-12mb/s upload when plugged and  on HIGH performance.

Again, I'm not saying this method will work 100%, but it sure as hell worked for me, and although the U310 has some other shotrcomings at least I resolved this one quite easily and think its still not as a bad of an ultrabook for its price.


There, good luck and may the force be with you!!


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-06-30, 15:50 PM

HI Everybody,


I have installed the newest wireless drivers for the Intel Wireless-N 2230 of my Lenovo U410. This did not solve my problem: The Wifi connection is still slow as a dead snail and I rather use my phone connected to the wifi than my laptop (because it's connection is not bugged).


Also Leonovo says that it is a problem with my router and does not fix the problem. Anything I can tell the customer service to allow me to send the laptop in?


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Problem mostly fixed for me!!

2013-07-09, 6:48 AM

I have a new Leveno U410 manf. in 3/19/13. One thing that helped for me was to boost the wifi card's power settings.


Go to Device Manager > Network Adaptors > Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230 > Right click and select properties > click the advanced tab > Go to "Roaming Aggresiveness" > and change it from " 3. Medium" (how it was set for me) to "5. Highest".


So far, it has helped boost my wifi speed significantly in areas where otherwise i would have poor signal strength. Lemme know how it works for you guys :)


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-07-10, 22:11 PM

OK, so Biggi's suggestions on the previous page plus those of leecthomas above got me up to about 3.5 MB. Still way slower than it should be, but a significant improvement over what it was. I guess I'll have to live with this.


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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-07-11, 3:39 AM

Hi Glowworm,


I know you posted this a while ago, but can you PM me the details? It would be much appreciated.






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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

2013-07-19, 22:19 PM

I have a U310 and experience issues with the wireless. My major issue was reconnecting to wifi and staying connected after waking from sleep. I also had major speed issues.

 This resolved when I adjusted the power settings.


Go into the Device Manager > Network Adapters > Intel Centrino Wireless N 2200

Right click and then click on properties.


Once you get there click on the Power Management

Uncheck the box that says "Allow this computer to turn of this device to save power".


Check it out and see what happens. :)

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