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Paper Tape
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My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

Hello All,


I had recently purchased a Lenovo u310 laptop. This was purchased on 29th June 2012 from Park Network Pvt Ltd, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Since the first time I have booted this system the wifi speeds have been really low. On a 4Mps connection the wifi gives me a download speed of 200-500kbps whereas any other laptop on the same network gives me a speed of 3.5-4Mbps. But it works pretty fine on a wired connection.


On Monday I took this laptop to the same showroom where I had purchased this piece from. They were ready to change the piece for me but to my horror this problem was common to all the laptops of this series. I tested the same on the U410 series as well but it had the same issues.


I was directed to your authorized service center in Noida which is also owned by the same company Park Network pvt. Ltd. Those people told me that there was an update which they have received from the company and after which this problem would be solved. Once reaching there I get to know all they had was a new driver for the wifi device which my IT team had already updated from your website. This was on Monday since then they have not been able to solve this problem. They tell me that they have contacted the company and its pending at their end.


It’s been 6 days since I have purchased this laptop and I have not been able to use it once since then. I thought this piece was faulty but it seems the whole series is faulty. I need a quick resolution to this problem or I need my money to be refunded by the dealer.


I have dealing with your customer care since a few days now and they want me to get my brand new laptop opened up and diagnosed. They wanted a service report and i gave them one. The complaint number is: 4270528752


I hope to hear from you soon. 



Nishant Chawla


Paper Tape
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Lenovo U410 problems connecting to wireless network



my girlfriend and I just bought the Lenovo Ideapad U410.

Everything seemed just fine at the beginning until we noticed, that the notebook has troubles with connecting to the wireless network. It's just not able to ensure a consistent connection unless you are sitting right next to the router.

We already checked the driver, which is not the problem obviously.

Looking at the common problems ocurring with Lenovo Notebooks, the atheros ar9285 might be the cause of the issue.

I am still hoping, this problem can be fixed by chaniging settings or downloading some software.

Do you have an advice? As far as I know, we shouldn't be the only ones, to have that problem.

So far, I am disappointed.


Kind regards


Dennis Hornig

Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo U310 Extremely Slow Internet Problem

So I just received my u310 lenovo ultrabook yesterday.  I was very pleased with its appearance and performance.  Though I have some complaints about the touchpad, it's a small issue imo.  


The big problem, however, as the title states, is my internet is turtle slow.  After running speed tests on speakeasy, my download speed is consistently below my upload speed.  Specifically, I'm getting download speeds of 1mb on my NEW u310.......


My 3 year old Asus netbook, which is side by side with my u310 lenovo, is getting 30mb down speed on speakeasy......



I'm pretty disappointed in this issue as my lenovo is straight out of the box, new, and more powerful in every dimension compared to my 3 year old cheaper netbook.


I've done a fair amount of searching for a solution to no avail.


I've checked these threads out, used all their "solutions" and still have snail-like speeds.


Can anyone please help me with this issue?  It is really bugging me and I'm tempted to send my lenovo back in and just get a refund.




Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo U310 Extremely Slow Internet Problem

I have the same problem, I've been reading forum threads for the past four hours, tried a dozen different drivers, nothing seems to work Smiley Sad

Paper Tape
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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

This is the result of 4yrs old dell laptop

And this is the result of the Lenevo U310 on the same network.

Please compare for yourself. Similar results were witnessed in the customer care center when compared to any other lenevo laptop.

Nishant Chawla
Fanfold Paper
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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

Well that makes two of us.  Exact same problem with me.


Tried numerous suggestions on these forums to no avail.


I've had my BRAND NEW lenovo u310 laptop for about 4 days now and haven't been able to use it due to the horrendous wifi speeds.


This is rediculous and I do not think I'm too extreme in saying that some sort of compensation is in order for all this hassle straight OUT OF THE BOX.


Similar with me, I'm giving this whole problem a couple more days to go unresolved.  If it stays unresolved for the week that I've owned this u310, I'm going to demand a full refund....


Still, any suggestions to fix this issue would be well appreciated, as I really don't want to go through the extra hassle on top of trying to fix this NEW machine, just to send it all back................



Serial Port
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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

Hello guys,


Same problem with me, i bought a new lenovo u310 5 days ago, havent really got time to play with it until yesterday, when ițve realized the poor wifi connection, ive tried all the drivers from this website, but no luck. My other lenovo reaches spead of 20Mbs while this one hardly gets to 4Mbs. Looking for an answer from the Hp support team, maybe they can help.. I have Win7 64 installed. 


Hopefully they will have a quick fix for this as i really like the laptop and i wont like to send it back.



Serial Port
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Re: Lenovo U310 Extremely Slow Internet Problem

Lenovo please help, fed up trying every posibility out there for 2 days without result.., really thinking of going to macbook air instead


Token Ring
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Re: My new u310 gives really low speeds on wifi

Hi there,


on my U410 I've got the same problem. I think its hardware related, because of the poor quality of the WIFI card installed. I don't even know how could they build such machines with low end WIFI card.

Unfortunately the BIOS has a WIFI "whitelist" too, so not even a replacemnet (for a better card) is possible.




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Re: Lenovo U310 Extremely Slow Internet Problem

Dear Lenovo User ,


Slow internet could be bios issue , if you check with other PC with same modem and they are fast. I first advice to do  OKR and see problem is persists , then update the bios. Please kindly share your bios version.


How see the bios version:


-Go to  windows start icon and type msinfo32 then you will see msinfo32.exe , click on it and then check the bios version it should be something like 49CN23WW please share the content let us see if your bios is up to date or not , but as I see there is no bios update for  your model yet in this case you need to contact with Customer Care to provide bios update if they have.



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