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New system but battery shows 50% available when plugged into AC

by Lenovo Staff on ‎02-20-2012 09:05 PM (2,894 Views)


I have just bought an Ideapad S205.  With the power lead plugged in the battery icon keeps showing 50% available, (plugged in,not charging).  Is this right?


Should the battery be charging whilst the computer is running?


Yes, your battery should be charging whilst the computer is running.


Check if your system is set at 'Best Battery Health'.


Go to Start -> All Programs -> Lenovo -> Energy Management -> Power Management options.


Start the program.  Look at the summary at the top.  Does it say "Best Battery Health" next to the blue gear icon?  If so, this will limit the charge on your system to 50% (but your overall battery life will last longer.)


If you want to change this, select the gear in the lower right, and when the new menu appears, select "Optimize For Battery Runtime."  This will enable your battery to charge to the full 100% (but your overall battery life will be shorter).

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