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Posts: 7
Registered: ‎02-13-2009
Location: NY
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Odd OneKey Glitch - any one have this happen?

Upon attempting to Create a Backup after reconfiguring my system One Key indicated that My backup image would be too large at default path (even with max compression) -- I found this kinda weird (given that all I'd done was adjust some settings.)


So next I attempted to back up to DVD's, OneKey reported that there was no space left on the disk (a blank Verbatim Data Life Plus), thought perhaps bad disk, tried another disk, same error!?!


Next went desktop to see what was going on with the dvd -- this time changed factory set default of writing RW disk to R disk (don't recall the language)

et VOILA! ... back in OneKey  it suddenly saw my dvd's available space  AND, even weirder,  realized there was enough space on D drive for backup.


Go Figure......!!  could the DVD formatting options  affect things? was this just a coincidence ... maybe some other  background process is at issue?



Not sure what the moral is, just curious if anyone's experienced similar and figured out solution. 





Retired Guru
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Registered: ‎03-12-2008
Location: Moscow, Russia
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Re: Odd OneKey Glitch - any one have this happen?

trange behaviour, really.

Can't even imagine why's that.

Thanks for sharing.

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