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OneKey Recovery 7.0

Since you don't get any DVDs with the S10 netbook, it nice that Lenovo includes OneKey Recovery 7.0 on the system.  The problem for us average computer users is that it's impossible to understand how one option differs from the next.


Fist choice presented is:  SYSTEM BACKUP  or  CREATE RECOVERY DISK


I understand the "Create Recovery Disk" but after selecting that option, I am presented with three more choices.   They are:

1.  Recovery disc with existing backup image

2.  Recovery disc with current system

3.  Factory default recovery disk


Does anyone have any idea what the difference for these three options?


Back to "System Backup".  This is a backup onto the D drive.  Does anyone have any idea what is being backed up?


Help in understanding this terminology would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance.



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Re: OneKey Recovery 7.0

Hi there,
system backup means ... backup your windows includes all .. users settings,drivers, and saved data if you saved this on the windows part,  as is , now at this moment (takes a snapshot from running windows system) .windows system part  only.. not the recovery (and/or data part if there exiist one )part itself.. saved on a empty specific or data part on internal harddrive, for later use to recover... save only while no recover created.. that will come to the next point...
Create Recovery Disk..
1. Recovery Disc with existing backup... creates a Recovery disc if a backup exists with timestamp at time where created bootable system only.. no recovery part itself
2. Rescovery disc with current system... near same as above.. creates a backup with timestamp now ... its bootable system only.. no recovery part itself.
3. Factory default recovery disc... Creates a Factory recovery with no personal settings no users or anything else with factory defaults. its bootable.. recovers windows system part only.. no recovery part itself.
when used .deletes the windows part.. overwrite all user settings good for a start from scratch, reinstalls all with programs and drivers all as it saved in factory ...
 ...but not influenced is recovery part on hdd..
Differencies: Not to mix up with windows install creates not a windows install disc , keep that in mind..
It creates a mirror of an pre-installed (in factory)  ready to rumble system...that rewrites the mirror back to your harddrive..
When you bought (or have) a windows licence with install media or download have to install windows, drivers, programs,settings by your own...     

That is a good solution , but not in all cases... when you accidental delete part or move part , where the recover part takes place you are not able to create a factory recover ..
or when hdd have one bad sector or part, and you never create a factory disc ... you are not able to create a factory disc or restore something other, and it recover never the whole harddrive...
because the part with itself (the creater and the factory default restore part) is not included ...
So the most important is create factory default recover disc at first... in bad case you can restore back to factory the windows part , comes up with a freshly start ... thats even better than a crashed windows...

... thats not the best solution ... as i say in the beginning...
I prefer before start the overall first time...
save the whole harddrive to another media...DVD/Thumbdrive/Harddrive/SD-Card with an third party program, like ToDoBackup, DiscBackup, Acronis TrueImage, there are many more as freeware or with extra charge , but its not wasted money,
the benefits are, save time (not in all cases) ... and rescue system is more prevented against harddrive failure, No Virus Malware can harm ..Smiley Happy  and it restore to real factory defaults , because the factory restore part itself will saved too Smiley Happy
And the best are free ... with the complete hdd backup you saved.. you can resize,delete, install every existing operating system you ever want , with programs/driver you want
 without loose all..

Hope that this little excursion makes some points more clear Smiley Happy


sincerely KalvinKlein


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Re: OneKey Recovery 7.0

it would be nice if one key recovery was working .It doesn't recognise any of my DVD . Any help?
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Re: OneKey Recovery 7.0



i have a LENOVO IDEAPAD S10-2 which recently need to be system backed up due to slow performance and some functionality errors. i successfully created a system image and burnt it in dvd. i already started the recovery with onekey rescue system 6.0 but realized it will approximately complete in 14hours, which is too long to wait for the shop i hooked up to is closing up. so i interrupted the "on-going restoration and decided to start it over with a more convenient time at home. i started all over again, all is well, insert the recovery disc1, booted and loads until i reach the RESTORE SUMMARY. it says there image path: e\backup.wsi, i believe it says right, because i have c  & d drive so e drive is actually the external optical drive. it says at the bottom part " when you restore your system partition, all data created after the selected restoration point will e removed if it wasn't backed up.  click "start" button to recover your system partition.  i click loads...and after few seconds...boom problem occurs... it says NO IMAGE FOUND IN THE DISC. i really wasnt able to get this, why is it happening now when the first time i run this it was all fine. is there any problem created when i interrupted the first restoration? i badly need the recovery of my s10-2. business data, family pictures everything is in there. i am stucked now for 3 days. your help fellow citizens of good deed would be monumentally appreciated. please help me with this. i will wait.

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