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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover

May i know what solution and conclution was given? the defet is being reported by many customers. I this the way to deal with a defective device? Please provide proper solution for the one whose warrany was expired as it's the defect in majority of the devices.

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover


Please don't copy past the message everywhere. Can you please let us what investigative solution was give for the customers to fix the problem after warranty? When a issue is reported by many customers, please be little more responsible towards the customer satisfaction.

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover

I had a similar issue with my ideapad U410. Unfortunately, it happened after the warranty expired. I came across this post while looking for spare parts for the screen so that I could replace it - my laptop has gone from being a laptop to desktop since I need to support the screen from falling off. It is ridiculous to put customers through this harrowing experience, I cannot believe so many people here went about drilling holes into the plastic screen to fix it to the hinge. On top of this, they are told there is nothing to be done if they are out of warranty. They are told to contact service center - it would be nice to put the contact information of the service center, without having the customers navigate the website to find that information themsleves. I was mad at myself that I broke the screen only to find out that this is a manufacturing defect. Looks like I will be forced to discard my laptop losing money and time through this ordeal - not to mention screwing up the environment by piling on to ewaste. Perhaps Lenovo might think this is OK. What a shame!


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover

The results of the investigation are this: Lenovo will replace your screen 6 months beyond the warranty. If you purchased the laptop with a credit card, your credit card extends this warranty 1 additional year. Contact Lenovo, cite the case Lenovo has on this and if you are within 6 months of your warranty period, including 1 additional year with credit card extension, Lenovo will ship prepaid shipping label and box to send laptop in for repair. Outside of warranty + 6 months, you are on your own with DIY unless you present a case strong enough to the agent to sway (supervisor's call).


1) back up your drive before shipping- those stupid techs will format your hard drive even if you create an account for them to log in to "diagnose".

2) take pictures of your ENTIRE UNIT before shipping- those stupid techs will mishandle and damage your unit and then claim it wasn't them.


 I do not work for Lenovo- this is my experience.  I had to send my laptop in twice because they damaged the brand new display replacement the first time and they formatted my hard drive the 2nd time around even though I SPECIFICALLY created an ID for them on the laptop to allow "diagnosing".  The process took over 2 months even though all the emails advised "7-10 business days".  It was a mess.  Fing Lenovo will never see my business again and I will be glad to share my experience with anyone that asks.  Since I work in an IT environment, that's a lot of people.


The DIYs in this forum are impressive- kudos to those who have shared their DIY.  Since this was my wife's laptop, I was not willing to drill holes until I exhausted the repair option.  Folks, even if they charge you shipping the repair is worth it because the laptop is a good unit and you would spend at least $500 anyway to replace it.  THINK before you get all crazy and ditch your broken laptop that Lenovo will probably repair.

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover

Just had this problem with the screw mounts coming off the left hinge on my U410.


Any professional repair would be throwing money away in my opinion and I didn't want to resort to drilling holes right away since that seems an extreme, last ditch solution.


What I have done is use epoxy to glue the hinge back in place. It has only been a day but the hinge feels fine now and if it doesn't work (the epoxy unbonds from the plastic) I can still drill holes in the lid. I did a similar epoxy repair with a Dell laptop and the hinge didn't give me further issue so I am hoping for the best.


To do the repair the laptop hinge was opened to approximately 90 degrees

Remove the plastic housing around the screen

place the laptop with the lid part flat on the table (like an L ) and covered the screen with paper in case of glue spills

I mixed the epoxy and put in carefully onto the lid portion, filling the area where the hinge sits

Then I reseated the hinge and pressed down until the epoxy set, left it for a few hours and it seems to be fine.

After I re-attached the screen surround it looks the same as before.


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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover

I also have a similar problem both hinges have broken back in October. The screen wont stay up unless I prod it against something. It also wont close easily I'm afraid of doing more damage by moving it when I have to.


I knew I was out of warranty when the hinges broke so I didn't bother googling a solution. I tried to use a local repair store. Unfortunatelly they kept the laptop for a while then returned it without doing a thing. Aparently, they were not able to source the right replacement case as they are no longer availble. I paid 30 euro just for that.


I've been using the laptop as a desktop since, but it's very inconvenient. I decided today to find a solution myself and that's how I came accross this thread. I'm a bit unhappy to find out this is a product design issue!!!! I paid 1200 euro for the laptop. For that price I cant believe the quality!!! Very dissapointed I'll probably stay away from lenovo products in the future.


I have just contacted Lenovo support with reference to this thread and my issue. Hopefully I'll receive a resolution although not sure how many people here had a positive resolution. 



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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover

@XJ: Big thanks for the hint to epoxy! The hinge/lid of my U410 was defective as well, repair was done in 20min and I got the laptop in use again since two weeks now.

Nevertheless, the Laptop shouldn't break in the first place...

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover

 because it is a manufacturers defect you may still be able to get it fixed by Lenovo (at least in the UK).

How I resolved it:


  • Initially phoned: got told it was out of warranty, I stressed that this was a manufacturer defect multiple times.
  • Escalated to manager: eventaully got hold of a manager, was eventually told it would be repaired free of charge.
  • Sent laptop away for repair: didnt hear anything for weeks, when I called I was told there were no parts, the laptop was being sent back to me and I would be contacted when the parts were available.
  • Waited a week or so then contacted support again, no resolution.
  • Sent a recorded delivery letter to the Medion UK office (they deal with Lenovo UK repairs and support) and to the Lenovo head office in the UK.
  • The next day I recieved a call saying they would get back to me within 24 hours with a resolution.
  • Later that day I recieved a call offering me a new laptop free of charge.
  • Within a couple of days I had a new Yoga laptop

It's a drawn out process but I had a result.


You need to be aware that the Consumer Rights Act (UK) states that goods sold must be fit for purpose. The hinges on these laptops are not fit for purpose. This made up a good portion of my case to have Lenovo resolve my problem (along with the threat of small claims court).


Good luck to anyone going through this. Once my free replacement laptop gives up the ghost, I will be avoiding Lenovo like the plague

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover

They could care less about customers in the USA - I will never buy another IBM, Lenovo product again... You got very lucky! 

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad U410 and U410 Touch broken hinge/cover

I've had the same experience: that Lenovo doesn't give a care about its US clients. The left hinge on my U530 broke less than a year into ownership. Now that the laptop is out of the warranty, the right hinge has broken. Even though this is a known issue with this line, Lenovo refuses to compensate, refund, reapair, or provide a replacement product. I even asked for a voucher for a future purchase and I was offerend 10% off my next purchase. 10%???!!!  No. I will never buy or recommend another Lenovo product.

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