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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Replacing U530 Touch Keyboard!? No direction on HMM file

Hey guys,


I got a free afternoon today and changed the keyboard. It wasn't an easy task, Lenovo made a really good job to place the keyboard there. I needed to break at least 50 pieces of plastic tabs! About 30 in that metal shield and more 20 in the keyboard.

I didn't use a hot iron or any other thing to melt, I tryed first but then I just broke the top of each "mushroom", not easy but was the best option.

Hot glue worked fine to hold both again.




Difficulty: Medium/High (if you never repaired a laptop before it'll be difficult to you, but not impossible).

Time spent: About 2 hours





1 - Follow the HMM file and remove all the components. You don't need to remove the left/right speakers and HDD but if you prefer you can. I just disconnected the cables, took off the battery, "left" USB board, and them removed the motherboard directly.


2 - Locate the metal shield which is covering the keyboard and brake carefully the top of each plastic mushroom, it's about 30 (need to do the same with the small ones placed in the middle of that).



3 - Now the keyboard will be shown, and you'll need to break the top of ~20 plastic mushrooms. Here you can open the laptop just a little and press some keys to force it out.

TIP: Break all of them, I tried to reuse some (in the corner) but it folded the black plastic above the TAB key and locked that - I needed to take it off again to fix.




4 - Keyboard removed.




5 - Place the new keyboard in the bezel and press down carefully. I made it in steps, starting from the right side. Hold the keyboard pressed and use hot glue to hold. When it dry go to the next ones.




6 -Then do the same thing to the metal shied.



7 - Reconnect everything, close the laptop and "Voilà", it's done. 





TIP: I tested the new keyboard before changed, I just connected the cables and use a tape to hold =D (lol)




Thanks sclexman & Majestic for your help!

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Re: Replacing U530 Touch Keyboard!? No direction on HMM file

You're welcome.


Glad to hear you were able to swap the keyboards without any major problems.  Thanks for posting the details of the repair.

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