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What's DOS?
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Restore factory windows on s110

Hello, I have s110 netbook, it was shipped with Windows 7 Home Basic.

After installing Windows 7 Pro instead Windows 7 Home Basic "OneKey" restore system stopped working.

It just power on netbook instead starting rescure process.

Hidden OEM HDD partition with restore information (15 GB) is still present, but it is not bootable.

I have no backup CD.

How to restore booting from hidden partiotion to start builtin rescure process?

Now HDD has 4 partiotions:

First - 350MB boot partition for Windows 7

Second - 105 GB - disk "C" with Windows 7 Pro

Third - 350 GB extended partition, with two logical partitions inside - disk "D" and "E"

Fourth - 15 GB hidden OEM partition.


How can I restore "OneKey restore" functionality?

May be there is a way to add boot option to existing bootloader to boot from hidden partiotion? What file from hidden partiotion should I boot to start rescure process?

What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-04-2016
Location: NA
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Re: Restore factory windows on s110

Finilly I figured out how to boot from hidden rescure partition.

I deleted first and second partiotions, made one ntfs partition instead.

Then using diskpart.exe I made hidden OEM partiotion active.

After reboot I restored original Windows Home Basic from hidden partiotion.

Windows works ok now, but "OneKey" button still doesn't work.

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