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Returning Laptops - HELP

Hi, I bought a Lenovo U400 for a grand in the US and this thing overheated with some cooling systems failing in the third week of use. I bought my system on the 29th Feb, but it failed in the 2nd week of April.

I do not trust Lenovo now and want to cut my losses and recover as much of the 1000$ I spent on it as possible.

Can anyone help me on this? What are my options?


To elaborate on the issue. There were cooling issues leading to hardware failure. The system boots up, but gets heated crazy within 10-15min of use (normal non-intensive use). It's definitely under warranty but I cannot get it serviced in my current country, as I was expecting more quality from Lenovo. I do not want to hold on to this crap and hence want to sell it off or return it.

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Re: Returning Laptops - HELP

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as far as i know,you can only return a pc in the country you purchased it.


Since you can't have it serviced  where you live,you can only troubleshoot the problem.


Have you checked the knowledge base for your model?


Others here who are familiar with that particular model,


may offer more help,on what if anything you could do.


Also using  google  may well provide some help.


Good luck.



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