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Run time for 6 cell on S10-3?

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Twitterer IrwanYoung asks us...


@lenovoforums hi,can u tell me about the 6cell batt on S10-3 N470 running on wifi browsing ? Thx



Can anyone share their real world experience while browsing on an S10-3 with the 6 cell battery?  How long do you run on a single charge?  How do you have it configured?  






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Re: Run time for 6 cell on S10-3?

4-5 hours wifi on, full brightness, wireless mouse receiver attached to one of the usb ports (while using the mouse). 2gb ram, battery management set to default.

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Re: Run time for 6 cell on S10-3?

typically gives me 7 hrs 38 mins as showing in the battery icon using Energy Star setting using win7 starter Firefox browser and with 2 gb RAM installed.  Screen brightness about 90% -- full brightness is too much which is a nice thing.

No lag using the browser with several tabs open: very pleased with the performance thus far.

s10-3 0647 Red plus 2gb ram
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Re: Run time for 6 cell on S10-3?

thx for answering...i've already landed using this device... i've notice it's max performance is 9h with a super energy saver.... but on a heavy duty it last for 3h
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