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Paper Tape
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S10-3T Approved 3G modems ?QualComm GOBI doesn't work

Hello all, 

I would like to know if anyone has tried ( without hacking the bios or anything like that ) any of the other 3G modems for the lenovo S10-3t - ad does anyone know where I can purchase the " approved " 3G modems that will work ? I have done a search and can't find anything solid - I actually purchased a Qualcomm GOBI from CDW the exact same one they offer on the Lenovo site and the exact one mentioned here in these forums - and I get the unauthorized card error ! I called Lenovo for support and the gentlemen I worked with had no clue what to do quite frankly was really no help at all - I was even deferred to Quallcomm to their tech support and they pretty much said its Lenovos problem - so here I am with a 3G modem that doesn't work and before I purchase another one I want to ensure it definitely works - Any ideas ? Thanks 

Token Ring
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Re: S10-3T Approved 3G modems ?QualComm GOBI doesn't work

It might be the same GOBI model but different Vendor ID and Product ID. I've personally seen the VID/PID of the Ericsson and Huawei modems posted in the other thread so it's safe to say that they will work with the S10-3T. However, finding where to buy those exact modems can be a problem. I would guess it will only be available at the Lenovo site soon.

Serial Port
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Re: S10-3T Approved 3G modems ?QualComm GOBI doesn't work

From the list of modems that don't work in the S10-3t a GOBI Modem type will not work. I will try to find the link and post it here. Also I believe even if you edit the BIOS to include the GOBI ID it will not work. 

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